Mississippi coaches lobby for flag change

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Published on June 25, 2020 -

Mississippi coaches lobby for flag change

When it comes to the Mississippi state flag, being on the right side of history is a very divisive topic, but one place everyone seems to agree is college athletics.

Mississippi coaches lobby for flag change

Let- their voice be heard.

- - when it comes to the mississipp- state flag... being on the- right side of history is a very- divisive topic.

- but one place everyone seems to- agree... is college - athletics.- this morning... more than 50- athletic directors and- coaches from the state's eight- public universities...- appeared at the mississippi - legislature to lobby for the- removal of the confederate- emblem from the state flag.

- this coming just days after - those eight schools released a- joint - statement... defending the- n-c-double-a's stance on the- flag... which includes a ban on- all championship events in- mississippi... until the flag i- changed.- the southeastern conference and- conference u-s-a- are also in agreement... which- means the loudest voices in - the room... are all saying the- same thing.

- - - - - "i know firsthand what it feels like to see a - confederate flag and pretend it- doesn't have a racist, violent- or oppressive - - - - overtone.

The ruling by the sec- and the ncaa affects us greatly- and we can't- - - - be an elite program without - hosting postseason events.

Our- entire student- - - - body could eventually be- adversely affected by this- symbol of hatred.

It's time to- see - positive change and have that - - - - symbol of hatred removed."

"i have a daughter, ally.

She's 32- years - old.

She has down syndrome, and- ally keeps us simplified and- grounded all the- time.

And we were having this - discussion at my house the othe- night.

My wife and i- and we were talking about socia- injustice and talking about the- flag change.

And ally - is sitting there, and she just- looks at us and she says, dad,- - - - do unto others as you would lik- for them to do to you.

I said - boy, that's simple.

But isn't - that perfect?

I said- that's simple, but it's perfect- whether you're talking about a- flag change that's- good for everybody in our state- or we're talking about any topi- - - - of social injustice."

According to the clarion- ledger... a change will require- a two-- thirds vote from the- legislature... which is in- session until - friday.

- mississippi residents last vote- to keep the flag... back in - 2001.

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