Future of the State Flag

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Published on June 25, 2020 -

Future of the State Flag

The fate of the state flag continues to be a key issue for lawmakers and everyone around the state.

Future of the State Flag

The fate of the state flag continues to be a key issue for lawmakers and everyone around the state.

Today, the head coaches and athletic directors from all of mississippi's colleges and universities made a trip to the capital urging state leaders to remove the flag.

Quentin smith is also in jackson and joins us live from the state capitol.

So quentin what is the biggest hold up?

Aundrea, before a decision can be made to take down the flag, legislatures first have to suspend the rules.

In order to suspend the rules to take down the flag, there must be a two-thirds vote in both the house and senate.

When you break it down, that's 81 votes that'll need to come out of the house, and 34 that'll need to come out of the senate.

Right now both the house and senate are short a few votes which at this time....prevents any action from being taken.

The confederate emblem is what's causing the controversy surrounding the flag.

Religious groups, economic developers, and the states universities are all lobbying for state leaders to remove the flag.

State lawmaker i spoke with all agree the state flag needs to come down.

However, they have mixed views on who should be in charge of making the decision to have it changed.

" i am most definitely leaning on the side of lawmakers making this in porten vote.

I think it's something that we are charged to do, i'm looking forward to casting my vote for it."

" i want the people to make the decision, and if it has to conflict with the ncaa or the sec or with some of the leaders of the state then i'll just have to stand there."

I would like to see us suspend the rules and vote to change the flag, get this behind mississippi and get us as one, unity "there's two men trust.

One is moving forward, and one is preserve and heritage.

There are a couple of debate as well, it's a moral issue of wine we should take down the flag, and the other one is an economic issue.

Which ever one works it's fine with me, but we do know there are a few more folks out there, people need to be convinced that their flag does need to come down.

Governor tate reeves issued a statement saying if lawmakers are able to get the two-thirds vote to change the rules to have the flag removed, he would not veto the bill.

Legislatures will gather again tomorrow morning, at this time it's uncertain if they'll discuss the removal of the state flag.

Lawmakers spoke with say the believe saturday is the day they'll have all the votes in, and they believe saturday is when a decision could be made on whether the flag comes down.

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