Photo reignites debate over existence of Loch Ness Monster

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Published on June 25, 2020 - Duration: 01:20s

Photo reignites debate over existence of Loch Ness Monster

Steve Challice and his brother visited theUrquhart Castle — the ruins of which sit nextto the Loch Ness — in September 2019.While he was there, he noticed a ripple inthe water near the opposite shoreline.

Hethought it was a large, 8-foot-long fishthat was about 30 feet away from him.“I started taking a couple of shots and then thisbig fish came to the surface and then went backdown again.

It only appeared in one shot andto be honest that was something of a fluke”.Challice decided to share the picture he took,sparking a discussion over whether the watercreature was the Loch Ness Monster.Some people have been convinced that thecreature depicted is the monster, althoughChallice admitted that he has his doubts.“I have to say I don’t believe in the Loch NessMonster … My guess would be that what I capturedwas a catfish or something like that”.The photo also caught the attention ofRoland Watson, who founded the LochNess Mystery blog and had his doubts.“At this point, I am in an ongoing conversationwith Steve as to the objections and concernsI have about this being a Photoshop picture,so we will see where that takes us”.The Daily Record spoke to a digital photographyexpert, who said Challice may have altered theimage’s color saturation and noted the blurrylining around the animal in the picture.Challice, however, deniedthat he did any retouching

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