Joe Jonas Goes Undercover on YouTube, Reddit and Twitter

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Joe Jonas Goes Undercover on YouTube, Reddit and Twitter

On this episode of Actually Me, Joe Jonas goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, IMDb and Quora.

Did he and Sophie Turner really get married by an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas?

What is his skincare routine?

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Joe Jonas Goes Undercover on YouTube, Reddit and Twitter

- Hi GQ, what's up?It's Joe Jonas here.I am going to go undercover from my homeon the internet.[curious music]This is actually me.[keyboard clicking]Quora, we're going to Quora.Hmm, this says it's from Sophie Turner."Did Joe Jonas and SophieTurner really get married"by an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas?"Oh, I think this is theforum, Sophie Turner.I'm just gonna imagine my wife wrote this.Sophie Turner, yes, wedid get married in Vegasby a Elvis impersonator.We had to get legallymarried in the statesso, we thought it'd be reallyfun to get all of our friends,invite them out, and doan impromptu wedding.And we actually had some peoplethat I didn't really evenknow that well there.Some people like I'm now closer withbut, Khalid was therethat was pretty cool.And Diplo decided to livestream the whole thingso, thank you for that Diplo.And for putting dog filters on our face.It was great.It kind of blew up in our facesbecause my parents calledme the next morningand they were like, "Didyou just get married?"And I realized,I told everybody but Iforgot to tell my parents.So kids out there,make sure you tell your parentswhen you're getting legally married.[mouse clicking]Posted!"Is Joe Jonas allergic to spaghetti?"Hell no.I love spaghetti and we've been makinga lot of pasta dishesduring this quarantine.Amoxicillin and penicillin,I'm allergic to and shellfish.I guess you could say I'mallergic to shellfish spaghetti.Next.[curious music]"How does Joe Jonas"get along with his brothers?"Well, we've learned to put family firstand that's been really important for us.And also we've learned to respectwhen each other needs some time.We have our own separate livesso I think at this pointwe really miss the crap out of each otherit's been so long sinceI've seen these guys.On tour we always try to takelike an hour out of our dayjust to spend time together.And it reminds us why we're doing this.And whether if it'sworking out, having a meal,or just taking a walk,a bike ride or somethingand seeing a city, I think that's helpfulfor people when they work togetherand it's always the same thing every day.[slow piano music]Twitter.[slow piano music]"Joe is Kim, Nick isKourtney, Kevin is Khloe?"Yes or no?"Duh!Thank you, @spudddddddd with eight d's.@jonaswft, ah, she didn'tget wtf unfortunately."Has Sophie gotten sick andtired of Joe being around 24/7?"I'm assuming you're speakingabout the quarantine.We haven't gotten sick of each other yet.We're actually enjoying our time together.We are always on tour forso long, 90 something citiesand she was filming elsewhere.So to actually be togetherand have this couple time is important.But, I have to ask her.Sophie, am I annoying you?[crickets chirping]We'll go with yes.[curious music]"What is your favorite"song to perform?"Love you Joe Jonas, by the way."Love you too, Chrystal.I'm assuming you'respeaking about one of ours,the Brother's songs.I really enjoy singing"Hesitate" it means a lot to me.But in general,"Many Rivers to Cross"is one of my favorites.It's a classic and I likesinging that sometimes.It's not one of oursongs, but just for fun.Submit.More Quora."Who has better vocals?"Nick Jonas or Joe Jonas?"I mean that really isdealer's choice here.I think Nick has a fantastic voice.I think Kevin.Where's Kevin here, huh?"What are some less knownfacts about Joe Jonas?"I have Vanilla Ice's cell phone number.And occasionally I liketo prank phone call him.So now, you know Vanilla Ice,that was me, all these times.[deep inhale]Now we're gonna go to IMDb.Let's see what they got to say."Nicknames Joe, JJ, DJ Danger."Yeah, I guess that's kind of correct.There's other nicknames that I have,I mean when I was in middle school,I joined a new schooland apparently there wastoo many Joes in the schoolso this one kid decided thatmy new name should be JJ Jonas.Which makes no sense.So, JJ Jonas, we can addthat to that nickname list."Before becoming a musician"he wanted to become a comedian."Actually in Cup of Joe, I went on stagebeing encouraged by TinaFey to go do some stand up.Her advice for me was go onstage and tell the truth.The truth is always funny.So, I tried my best.I've really enjoyed it.I wanna continue it.I feel like everybody should try itat least once in their life.The nerves that you feel it's really scarybut, rewarding if you get one laugh."Fan of Britney Spears."I like that that's there.That is true.My first CD I ever boughtmyself was at a 7/11and it was a Britney Spears album.Posted.And now we're gonna go to Instagram.Instagram always has reallyfun trolling comments.Let's see what we gotta find.All right, I shaved my face.Quarantine beard is no more.Slowly growing back.Brenhimelfard, "How does hemanage to have a baby face"just like that I mean what'shis skin care routine?"I have to be honest, I dohave a filter on this picture.That filter did a lot ofgood to me in this photo.Yeah, I wash my face,a little facial fuel,make sure to moisturize,and my wife likes popping anyzit that might be on my face.She calls them spots.So if I pop a zit or aspot without her knowing,she's very mad.All right this is a postI did about the concertfilm that we just released.Cnipock588says, "Wow, you guysdefinitely mean something"to all of us."Great documentary"With, I think those are welling eyes."I have a question, whenthey make your guy's"Hollywood documentary,"because I can totally see this happening,"what actor would you liketo see play each of you?"That's great.And I can answer for my brothers.I think obviously MatthewMcConaughey should play me.You know, I think Kevin deserves the Rock.And Nick,Mark Wahlberg 'cause actuallythey kind of look alike.If Nick has a backwards hat and a tank tophe looks almost exactlylike Mark Wahlberg.Okay.[curious music]Reddit.[curious music]Reddit's really fun.I love Reddit.Emily, "This is the look Igenuinely thought Joe Jonas"was going to see me wear andfall in love with me in 2008."Oh, that's great!I mean it is a strong look andthe pose that's really key.Looking good, Emily, keep it up.We're going back to Twitter.All right this is fromBrianna is locked up.With a pretty cool font on locked up."How many LEGO sets haveyou completed, Joe?"Wow, that's a tough question.There are quite a few LEGO sets.Stranger Things set, two ofthe Hogwarts castle sets,we also have a few Lord of the Rings.We also have a rollercoasterthat we want to finish.I'm always confused if it's LEGO or LEGOSbut, I think it's correctthe way you said it,which is just LEGO.Like LE-GO.This is from Kay Jonas."What was your favoritespot in the UK, Joe,"from the Cup of Joe series?"My favorite thing to dowhen I was in London,I took a penalty kick at aprofessional soccer stadium.Or as they would say, football stadium.And that was really exciting for me.I actually got it inthe net on the third tryand I would like to believethe guy was actually tryinghis best, but I don't know Ithink he was going easy on me."How different would the worldbe if Joe Jonas had been cast"as Captain Americainstead of Chris Evans?"Oh,I think the world wouldbe a lot different.Probably Chris would be a leadsinger of a band of brothersand I would be carrying myshiny shield around the world,saving the day.This is from Tyler."The question is @joejonas, doyou still have this outfit?"You better believe I do.What do you think I'm wearing below here?Huh?Very comfortable.[curious music]This is from Lizbiz08."Here is my question for later."This is for Nick, Joe, and Kevin."What are some things thatyou guys do to keep busy"during this quarantine."This is my new favorite thingis Zoom beer pong and I reallyencourage everyone to try.But you set up the cupsclosest to the camera.So that's the other player's cups.If that makes any sense.You probably could just Google itand find out the instructionsway better than me.All right, we're going to YouTube.Let's check it out.This is a compilation video.This is "The Best of Sophie and Joe".I'd actually like to watch this.And this person asked,"Hey Joe, what's yourfavorite food and drink?"I like that they assumed Iwas just going to go into thisand watch this and comment back.But I am actually doing it now.I do like a tequila soda.I have to say I like mybrother's tequila a lotand I'm not even a part of the companyso this is not a shameless plug, here.This is a family plug,Villa One is delicious.And my favorite food, I'mallergic to spaghetti,so I can't eat that.But I do like, I'll gowith pasta, lasagna.More from IMDb."He has German, English, Scottish,"Irish, Italian/Scilianfrom a great-grandfather."French-Canadian, and CherokeeNative American ancestry."Wow, how do they know all this.I don't think that Scottish is correct.I don't think it's French-Canadian,I think it's French.Unless somebody like, tooka glass that I was drinkingand swabbed it and then sent this inand you actually know whatmy ancestry actually is.All right moving on."Collected G.I.

Joe actionfigures and pens as a child."I'm always so curious how peoplefind this information out.And this is on IMDb?Such a weird place forthis information to be.I don't think this'll help me at allget a movie role or a TV show.But, I don't know, maybeG.I.

Joe will call one day.I did collect G.I.

Joesand I collected a lot of Pokemon cards.I was more of a fan of Pokemonthan getting a girl's numberBecause I remember when I was younger,the prettiest girl in schoolhad a really rare card.I tricked her into switchingfor a really un-rare card.[curious music]"Favorite movie is"School of Scoundrels."Wow, this is dated.We need to update this."His favorite band is Switchfoot."I do love Switchfoot but this obviouslyfrom a long time ago."His favorite singer is Johnny Lang."I like Johnny Lang.I think currently, my favorite movie,I'll go with "Back to the Future" one.Actually I think two isactually better than one.I also think "Home Alone2" is better than one.I think all the threes were pretty, okay.I like Switchfoot butwe will update that toyou know, I love Coldplay's new album.We'll go with Coldplay.His favorite singer, I'llgo with Frank Sinatra.But I like Johnny Lang, too.[upbeat music]Well, that's it.That was fun.I hope your questions havebeen answered correctlyor to your satisfaction.Signing off the internet.[bass guitar music]

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