Social distancing while connecting with nature

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Published on March 31, 2020 -

Social distancing while connecting with nature

Some people in self-quarantine have a beach-view as they spend more time on their boats or on the water in this time of social distancing.

Social distancing while connecting with nature

- some people in self-quarantine- have a beach view - as they - spend - more time on their boats - or o- the water - in this time of - social distancing.- news 25's toni miles shows us - how some south mississippians - are social distancing while - connecting with nature - and- their creativity.

- - bowie hamilton's good at testin- the waters.

- he teaches tennis, acts and doe- graphic design for a- living, but a lot of his work - has dried up - and he's doing - what- he can to stay above board when- - - - it comes to work and play in th- wake of the coronavirus threat- and this time of social - distancing.

- bowie hamiliton, coast resident- " working out on a beach instea of a- gym.

Meeting to play one person- in tennis, and staying away fro- everybody.

I've been- doing some graphic design.

I- don't have to meet with people- - - - to do that so that's been - convenient."

He's also been taking to the- water - spending more time on - his - sailboat during this time of- - - - self-quarantine.

He's not alone- <nats>- derek jones's sailboat is docke- nearby.

- his life and work have also bee- somewhat tied up lately.- derek jones, coast resident: " outside we try to keep the gate- closed.

- everybody down here is pretty - much self- quarantined."<splice " i do professional photography and videography - work, primarily for guy harvey- magazine.

I - have several sailing magazines - also work with.

I also do blogs- on line and video work- for youtube.

< splice > " tryin to get by with a little bit of- - - - boat work right now.

Everything- else is pretty much shut down."

Toni miles, news 25: " some people are using this time of - isolation and social- distancing to tap into their- creativity.

This is a painting- bowie did when he was near- horn island this weekend."

Bowie hamiliton, coast resident- " i get to actually sail during the week now.

I can - go to horn island and not have- any regret of missing something- important i should be - working on.

That's very - relieving.

The sun was setting,- so i painted a boat in the- - - - foreground of the sunset."

Toni miles: "why?"

Bowie hamilton: "just to feel good about it."

Toni miles: "would you have don it if you had not been isolated- because of the- coronavirus?- bowie hamilton: "no, i would not.

That's one of the good - aspects of it.

Pros and cons, - love..."

Derek jones, coast resident: "i think a lot of people are maybe- learning.

Slow down.- enjoy every moment in life, - enjoy your friends and family.- we get so caught up in- the politics and working and we- forget the more important thing- in life."

<nats>- toni miles, news 25.-

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