Hillyard Cleaning

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Hillyard Cleaning

Gregg Roberts from Hillyard joins us to talk about the impacts the coronavirus has had on business.

Hillyard Cleaning

C1 business is booming for a long time st.

Louis company who makes hand sanitizer and now has had to step up for production.

Joining us is craig roberts vp of the company.


>> hi, thank you.

>> how have you managed with covid-19?

>> well, you know we had to step up our production lines.

We have people working six days a week anywhere from 10 to 12 hours a day.

We have put together a kind of action team immediately through our corporate office to support all of our branch locations and our marketing department did a great job of putting together a covid-19 site on our hilyard.com website resource for our customers.

Then we also focused on our employees internally and set up a covid-19 internal site that focused on our people, our business and c.d.c.


It's real important everybody focus on c.d.c.


Along with sales, we have to allocate our demand.

The epa added some disinfectant raw materials that will work.

If someone goes out to hilyard.com to the site, you can see the different disinfectants.

The qqtb.

There's 25 skews.

Eight different products and 25 skews that we have available along with our general hand sanitizer and hand soap as well.

I can't imagine how the demand has gone up.

I looked on the c.d.c.'s web page and has you listed as approved resources.

It's crazy a st.

Joseph company shows up on the c.d.c..

>> we have offices clear across the united states and actually provide product in almost every state of the united states.

>> that is so wonderful.

We're so glad you have a home base in st.


Do you have people working at home or are others working on the production line.

>> i'm not going to lie.

It's been a stressful few weeks.

Our it department stepped up big time to help us move people home to route phone calls to their phones at their residence and such.

We moved their office moves and office computers where we could.

Safety of our employee system really been paramount in here.

We increased sanitizer we have in our buildings and every door.

We limited who can enter the buildings and made priority of just the people who work in those facilities.

Really tried to move as many people as we could home you know just to reduce the traffic in and out of the building and make sure our business is taken care of as well.

>> greg roberts, thanks for joining us.

We thank you for what you do in the community and those very hard working employees of yours.

Thank you.

>> thank you.

We're just lucky to be here and lucky to have a company that like hilyard that we can all work for.

The employee base we have here.


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