Hill and Hill Financial - 032020

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Published on March 20, 2020 -

Hill and Hill Financial - 032020

Morgan Hill has some tips to help navigate your finances during these turbulent times.


Hill and Hill Financial - 032020

G a lot of conversation and a lot of questions when it comes to our financial about race and navigate these tricky waters.

Mr. Morgan Hill appealing a financial expert on this was a pleasure you want to talk with you.

We'll talk with you when i comes to do in uncertain times.

Yeah Sherry Ashley some video feed selects the to be doing some additional webinars of these next few weeks on the healthy were open, but we are practicing the noble poker piece.

I think is critical, as per spec is looking through research amid a history nerd 2009 table 2010 was the outbreak of the swine flu globally and was issued as a pandemic by the World Health Organization to think about April 10, 2009.

On March 9, 2009 was the lowest point that was recorded at the Dow Jones during the beginning of the great recession so defensive were in the middle of the group started the great recession in the middle of a global pandemic, which by the way, in the US affected 60 million people sick over 12,000 people passed away over close to 275,000 people were hospitalized and we made it and so I'm actually glad although it's I think it's for some folks is very very inconvenient.

Thei folks were struggling with you doing the things that were doing my hopeful expectation is that we will have far better results domestically, as well as globally.

Then we had back in the people 22,009, but I do think folks is you're looking a this graph on your 20 years.

This is not something that firstly this is not something new that we've experienced are still here were doing well and guilt stockmarket moves on.

So think perspective is extremely important not to minimize what' going on but also to the pit is a balanced point of view is cooking show a picture of an in in that point of view perspective quickly about diversification.

I mean a lot o people want to panic a lot of people want to just sit still need to deal down.

Usually when stuff like this happens just one of three major reactions one panic and sell all my gosh I can't believe it or not, or do anything or three.

I can only say hey this is good time to buy framed this company is a big issue up on the screen.

A numbe of years ago.

I forgot how year ago, we actually hope this model that we think is more 21st century diversification, proper diversification.

If you actually felt just watching if you look at that will number one best traditional will just work up and down and are helpful expectation is in exchange for taking on risk, we want to grow more well all this I believe have money in that universe.

If you look at what number to the 20 were banks and credit unions and fixed-rate money live you know what is.

I can pay you much and certainly over the last decade it hasn't done much at all, but there's a place for that third world is where you have investments that go up whe the market goes up.

They just don't lose when the market loses out the good news is during times like this boy people feel safe and protected.

Downside is when times are good they don't get it all and investments that we don't correlate to the market.

They do have risk, but they pay for example, stable payments, stabl dividends.

Those types of things, and the principal does not go up and down I believe is very simple.

You should diversify among all those world, not just within and we do it, but also with the world.

But among the world's as we look across the nation, we hope, about 700 families known about 20+ states we've been having some conversations more proactively, and we've been hearing from our folks to say you know what I wish I'd made more in this or more and that but it's nice to know that were able to weather the storm and that's really the key is making sure that through good times an tough time you have a diversification that covers all of these areas and then you kee a perspective rather than when times are good.

We go crazy and then when times are bad.

We panic the screen on it was through some research on Google chart.

I know what that is.

That's Mexico beach.

Hurricane Michael blew through right and that's a house that actually th owners built that I believe to withstand between hundred and 5 mile and 180 mile an hour winds.

If you live on the beach.

Hurricanes come through.

You gotta build the house different and our advocacy and we talk about whether he will do better retirement think it's important for folks to build a better house, rather than I would do the same thing and then just hope the hurricanes don't blow through because we know that they do.

And so we encourage folks to have a good perspective to diversification have conversations were more than happy to sit down with folks have a have a good discussion and see if you shoul .

There are some steps that you can take during this time to improve your situation just depends what's in your bes interest quickly running out of time.

I want to talk about this I wanted to have us as a acting retirement.

We cannot retire now because of the design talking with a couple people right now who told me flat out this is I don't think I can retire this year everything was moving and with that, within the last 30 days.

They made that decision and so folks, that's why this is so critical is because we didn't see in/30 days.

This global pandemic is completely caught us off guard and so that's why we believe that this type of modeling is critical so that when you're getting ready to retire.

It's not can be contingent upon whether a global virus breaks out or some event that we had n control over.

So that's why we encourage folks to have a conversation and even if you ar nearing a tyrant encourage it.

Let's have a discussion.

If we can do something to help it be our privilege.

Doing nothing is the best strategy will encourag you to do that as well and ate some things out until I decide, especially in his current situation and for anything at all.

In fact, just ask her questions and get your question answered exactly where did anything cause he said they are still only taking the phone conversation while I was taken

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