Paramedics Seeing Increase In Coronavirus Calls

Video Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
Published on March 18, 2020 -

Paramedics Seeing Increase In Coronavirus Calls

Alex Torres-Perez goes over what's being done to keep EMT's safe during the coronavirus crisis.

Paramedics Seeing Increase In Coronavirus Calls

Treating disease for years and years and years.

Different diseases.

We've been through h1n1 and swine flu and those kinds of things.

But, i don't think we've experienced anything this widespread in a short amount of time."

That's why don webster - with huntsville emergency medical services inc.

Or hemsi - is taking some precautions.

Ll: paramedics are using these safety kits when it comes to responding to someone with coronavirus symptoms. as you can see, it has a gown, a mask, a face shield and gloves to keep them safe.

"we want to make sure they're safe by having the p-p-e's for them to make sure they can go home to their families, and not feel like they're contaminating their personal lives."

Paramedics will only use the personal protection equipment or p-p-e when working with someone with coronavirus symptoms. webster said the patient will also be covered in a blanket and given a mask while on the way to the hospital.

First responders will also contact the hospital before arriving - to give them a heads up.

"we use special entrances and areas where we put patients without exposing the public."

Paramedics aren't using the p-p-e's with every patient.

That's because they don't know how long they'll have to deal with the coronavirus - and they don;t want to run out of supplies.

"we don't know where this is going!

We don't know what the call volume or what the exposure level is going to be."

"we're fine now, but we don't want to get behind the 8 ball if you will where we might have a shortage."

Webster says there are reserves of the protective equipment kits for disaster situations.

He said hemsi is in contact with local and state leaders - in case they do have to go into those reserves.

But for now - webster hopes everyone can do their part to stop spreading coronavirus.

"we've experienced tornados and various different disasters in our community, and we've weathered them.

So, i think this too we will weather together, come together and get over it."

Reporting in hsv atp waay 31 news.

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