Hill & Hill Financial discusses the importance of diversification in an ever-changing marketplace.

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Published on March 18, 2020 -

Hill & Hill Financial discusses the importance of diversification in an ever-changing marketplace.

Hill & Hill Financial discusses the importance of diversification in an ever-changing marketplace

Hill & Hill Financial discusses the importance of diversification in an ever-changing marketplace.

I think is important, and again i'm not a doctor i don't play one on television.

I'm not here to try to get in the middle of any debate right but it is what it is but just this year a perspective and i think there might be a slide that might pop up we look at the last 20 years going through now is not unusual on the last pandemic that i recall ... was actually april 2029 2009 with the world health organization to clear the swine flu pandemic based on my research, there were about 16 million americans that were infected with the swine flu wit over 12,000 deaths and globally they do.

Somewhere between hundred and 15 is when he is a half 1 million deaths and again i could deliver my research on what you which you get from april 2009 to practically april 2010 and in march 2009 is when we had the lowest point of the dow jones industrial average an the s&p 500 with the beginning of what we know as the great recession, horrible when times are bad, just we often forget that they ever get good right and when times are good.

We sometimes forget that they ever could be bad.

And so one of the things that we are in counselin are folks across the country and then as we share with you.

Everyone is to just keep a balanced perspective in the middle of this that says we hav gone through worse and we made it and so certainly we're doing what we can is is a is an organization postponing events, avoiding large gatherings doing things on video and email.

Firs of all, we are open for busines and everyone is healthy, but on we just think that is we would rally together.

I know it's really inconvenient and i think what's going on is touching everyone, we've got elderly mom's that we are think stay home i've got your ministry or friends that are diabetic.

That worked a sense, you know, stay where you are because they're more susceptible to having people listening you.

We all want to do what we can to make sure that we minimize this and think the steps that are being taken to hopefully keep the numbers from april 2009 and 10, we will come in.

You were close to death but i do think as it relates to the market and just we know basically 11 years ago were still triple with the decline that we seen were still triple what that number was and i think that's a good thing.

I try to be pollyanna realistic and now we are today and we mov through and that's a good thing and i'm to put martha stewart but i think that that is a good thing and get balanced perspective is one of the first things we've been sharing with her folks across the country.

I talked diversification alive.

Marketing scared and wanting to marry everything put it into something that they consider to be the most stable avenue just right now are as a keep a safe still being yeah yeah i think it might be another slide on my personal bias again as a licensed fiduciary is a license broker is a licensed insurance risk management.

We have team that team members are also licensed in those areas on my belief is that diversification is a broader conversation and just i bought this domestic stock in a balance of this with this international bond fund on quite frankly across the country.

We have not been inundated with calls to work with close to having run 700 families in 20 states and we have not been inundated with calls.

I'd like the ink that it's because of a focus on the screen when you diversified you need to have your money not just diversified within certain worlds like the worlds of risk in the stock work.

It but maybe there's a place to have stable dividend funds that don't go like this when the markets up and down on there's a place for certain types of investments that protect your principal injured gains that when times are good just the toughest part of this was given one.

I'm not earning 30% when the markets roaring right but he also feels good that you do.

I can etc.

An so on.

The normal reaction with folks is one of three things.

They panic and sell ... don't do anything and something that can be wise work.

I been hearing from folks i want to bu more.

I think this is a deal we are encouraging conversation and you're going to get a number folks and call ending get a cop of the book to sit down and evaluate the situation because sometimes staying pat and not making any rash decisions is a great idea.

There are some times where people are getting closer to retirement that there could be some decisions there good to make that you do want to make rather than saying i want to do anything right now, so we try t avoid that panic and fear and just look at it objectively and make decisions that are in the nest interest of the folks so proper diversification is a little bit broader and keeping up good perspective we think will will be a good way to get through this and different for everyone that like so important to absolutely give you and your team to call morgan we can give you a copy to have top and current tuition and you can hel guide which route is fast.

I again here in just a little bit later

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