Parchman Yo Gotti JayZ

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
Published 2 days ago -
Parchman Yo Gotti JayZ

Parchman Yo Gotti JayZ

Over conditions at state prisons... the clarion ledger reports -- jay-z and yo gotti are suing mississippi department of corrections commissioner pelicia hall... the lawsuit says inmates are being kept in unconstitutiona l "inhumane conditions...."

The f-b-i and the u-s attorneys in mississippi released a joint statement -- saying they are aware of allegations about the prisons... they also encouraged people to reach out if they know about criminal activity or civil rights violations -- whether they're at parchman or any other state facilities.

The f-b-i says you can report federal criminal violations by going online to tips dot f-b-i dot gov.... and the justice department will take complaints about prison conditions.... just call the number on your screen...

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