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second hit

Semi-final playoff game between lsu and oklahoma for a chance at the national title.

We join shaquira martin who's in atlanta to cover tomorrow's shaquira... going into the game, whats the atmosphere like out there?

Lsu making thier first apperance in the cfp semi finals.

One game away from a national championship an hour from home, alot is state tomorrow.its the 3 time coach o has faced jalen hurts whos also known as the tiger killer.

But he isnt the only elite qb in this story.

Joe burrow and friends should take care of business.

Yesterday we talked about if clyde edwards heliare will be able to play after suffering from an injury, today we found out...theres still no answer..

That doesnt take away the dynamics of this lsu team has a whole, the spread on offense with mutliple weapons.

Steve aranda and his defense has been able to do.if lsu can find a way to take advtange from the critical lost ok defense has suffered due to suspensions and injuries.

Joe burrow could be way past 5000 yds at the end of this game.

And lsu can be on their way back home to the national championship game.its funny what a year can do.

And did for this lsu team 3 the ball more one thing that has been consistent since last year has been the defense side of the ball..

Earler this week steve aranda said jalen hurts is the most dangerous scambler since playing in ole miss.

And coach o added the difference between ole miss and the sooners is in the ole miss game, it was more of a surprise that was the cause.

Going up aganist ok.

You cant deny you cant shut down jalen and his offense.

But if the players are where they are suppose to be and play their blocks.

This game will be a war the tigers are perpared to win.

?2box shaquira, before we let you go... any talent to watch out for from the area on o-u?

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