Morning Sprint: December 12, 2019

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Published on December 13, 2019 -
Morning Sprint: December 12, 2019

Morning Sprint: December 12, 2019

Two hour delay today.... ... because of those snowy and icy roads.

That includes chewelah, inchelium, kettle falls, quincy, and several others.

We have the full list running at the top of your screen... and on kxly dot com.

Whenever it snows... you can check kxly dot com as soon as you wake up, to find the latest school closure information... or, just turn on your t-v.

We'll let you know about any closures and delays live on good morning northwest.

Mark cloudy and mild with afternoon rain for spokane, ,idaho continues to get a winter mix of snow and rain.

Better weather for all friday and then cooler, calmer this weekend with just a slight chance of snow.

Snow storms are hitting local mountain passes... ... just as thousands of college students are heading home for the holidays.


Eastern... w-s-u... and u-dub... are all in finals this week, meaning many kids will be going home for christmas break today or tomorrow.

In that same time... the national weather service is expecting up to two feet on stevens pass and lookout pass.

Snoqualmie is expected to get about a foot.

Right now... traction tires are advised on snoqualmie.

Chains were required earlier this morning.

If you have a student heading home today... make sure they have chains ready, and check those pass conditions before they leave.

Happening right now, on capitol hill... the house judiciary committee is starting the 2nd day of a two-day session considering the articles of impeachment against the president.

Lawmakers spent more than three hours giving opening statements last night.

Today, republicans will have the opportunity to offer amendments... but none will likely be passed by the democratic majority.

By the end of the day... the judiciary committee is expected to take a vote on the articles of impeachment... which, if approved... would send them to a full house vote next week.

The kootenai county sheriff's office may be one step closer to finding out who ran over a 61-year-old man twice... and then drove off.

The hit-and-run happened monday at a hico gas station in hayden.

Sheriff's deputies have now seized the dark colored s-u-v that may have been involved.

They also talked with one person connected to the case.detectives are currently waiting on a warrant to search that s-u-v for evidence.

Power is back on in the garland neighborhood this morning.

More than two thousand homes in the area were without power last night.

People who live there said things went dark around seven o clock.

No word yet from avista on what caused the outage... but it has been completely restored.

Caroline live 3 coming up next america.

Searchers are beginning a risky effort to recover the bodies of 8 missing people presumed dead from monday's volcanic eruption in new zealand.

Only 6 of their locations are known.

("new zealand police deputy commissioner, mike clement "// so our first priority will be to get those six people off.

And we will have very limited opportunity to look about for the two others//" ")right now scientists say there's a 50 to 60 percent chance of another eruption today.

Coming up... a look at the daring recovery mission.

Broadway show 'jagged little pill' opened to rave reviews last week... and it sounds a lot like your favorite 90s radio station.

Coming up... the whole cast is live in times square.

You may want to ask your boss for tomorrow off... because it's 'community day' at schweitzer mountain resort!

That means lift tickets are just ten bucks... but more importantly, one hundred percent of ticket sales will go directly to two north idaho community organizations... bonner partners in care clinic, and community cancer services.

Even if you don't ski... it's a great way to give back this holiday season!

The mountain opens at nine.

This morning... there's a twitter fued between the president, and a 16 year old.

Greta thunberg was just named 'person of the year' by time magazine for her activism surrounding climate change.

The president calling the choice "so ridiculous" ... saying thunberg needs to "chill" ... and "work on anger management" ... suggesting she "go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend."

Well, this morning... thunberg is poking back.

Her twitter bio now reads: "a teenager working on her anger management problem... currently chilling and watching a good old fashioned movie with a friend."

If you're holding out on placing any christmas amazon orders... you won't want to put them off much longer!

Amazon is reminding online shoppers about its deadlines to get gifts by christmas.

For customers who aren't part of the prime program... the company is suggesting getting orders in by the 14th... that is saturday... to get deals on free shipping.

Prime members have until the 22nd.

The boston marathon bomber is

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