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Published on December 12, 2019 -
IBM and kids team up in Lego competition

LEGO CHALLENGE edward lovely/ st.

Francis of asisi: it has like an ultra sonic sensor a light sensor down here.

Young edward lovely did his best to make a tv reporter understand the robot he built.

That creation and many others like it squared off in the ibm lego education outreach competion.

The devices were charged with pushing everything from masonry jar rims to urethane discs off of designated fields of play.

Lucas leidig/holy spirit so we kinda built the basic base but we attached this wall and so it goes continuously and pushes like all the things off.

George mallet: i was here for about a half an hour before i realized that teams were not operating the robots by remote control, these robots are figuring it out on their own.

John adams seventh grader soraya pipkin dumbed it down for the anchor man.

Xoraya pipkin/john adams middle school: i was amazed at how the robots figure things out on their own.

Can you explain?

So, its like a type of a color sensor on this stage.

We have this color sensor put in right here and it senses different colors, so like for green, if it says its green you can make it turn or make a sound.

More than 400 whiz kids took part in the competion under the stewardship of 80 ibm volunteersáááá including software engineer aaron albertson.

Aaron albertson/advi sory software engineer i spend most of my day around really smart people, but were all adults and were all used to this of thing, so it's really rewarding to see these kids sort of learn about this stuff, be excited about it, and see the impact that lego afficianado's may have recognized the lego mindstorm kits used for the projects.

Let me point outááá those were not stock mindstorm robotsááá for lack of a better termááá they were suped up by some super, super smart young engineers.

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