Midmorning With Aundrea - December 10, 2019 (Part 1)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - December 10, 2019 (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 2) We have tech gadgets for gift ideas!

And photographer Kelly Donoho gives tips on how to get the best holiday photos.

And we visit a real-life Cannonball Run from one side of the country to the other.

Midmorning With Aundrea - December 10, 2019 (Part 1)

>> lo looking for the latest and greatest in gadgets?

We'll have some gift ideas.

And, getting the best shots.

We have professional photographer here with some advice.

Plus, jacob is in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

Midmorning starts right now.

It's the gift that people love to open.

But often they forget they have when the holidays are over.

Olivia dance has the story.

It's one of the most portable gifts you can give for the holidays, yet it seems to be one of the most forgotten.

The national retail federation says 60 percent of people put gift cards at the top of their wish list.

However, according to one study americans have 45 billion dollars in unused gift cards.

We headed out to destiny usa to see how central new york residents feel about being gifted a gift card.

Andrew raborn >> tr five and 730-1507 four) and (200 and four)-and-(200-and 21/6 $60 andput some smiles on your friends and families' faces this holiday season with the gift of some cool gadgets.

Cnet's kara tsuboi reports on fab finds at all price points.

Use the holidays as a time to upgrade your loved ones' tech.

Whether you invest in the latest version of their favorite gadget or take them from analog to digital, here are some ideas at a variety of price points.

Smart speakers are ubiquitous and range from the twenty five dollar google home mini to the three hundred dollar apple home pod.

Find one that works for your budget and your recipients' needs and it will be thoroughly used and appreciated.

For more of a traditional speaker, the sonos one is great value for the money - around two hundred dollars.

It has alexa and google assistant integrated and offers superior sound quality.

For something a little cheaper and a little more portable, check out the sony xb01.

It's bluetooth enabled, splash proof, colorful and clocks in at sixteen bucks.

The latest apple watch, the series five, is a sweet gift but starts at four hundred dollars.

The series three is equally popular at two hundred dollars.

But if those are too rich for your blood, give a fun apple watch accessory like these fun bands that start at six dollars.

Finally, just about everyone i know would love the ember mug.

This temperature- controlled smart mug can keep your beverage at your desired temperature for up to an hour.

Or, keep it on the charger for all day consistent heat.

The mug can be found on amazon for around eighty dollars.

For more gift recommendations at every price point, visit cnet.com in san francisco, i'm kara tsuboi with cnet for cbs news.

Online shopping has led to more americans having products delivered to their door.

Trucks are the traditional way to get it there.... but now a new method is taking flight.

Katherine johnson explains.

Drone delivery is all the buzz in christiansburg, virginia.

That's the town where the google owned company wing is testing the technology.

"so what we ar doing today is quite advanced."

Jonathan bass is with wing which is teaming up with walgreens and fed ex .

The pilot program allows people in the town to order certain items online.

A package is filled and then tethered to a self flying drone.

After reeling it in the machine uses a camera and g-p-s to find its destination.

"what's th biggest demand you've seen for deliveries."

"generally it' the snacks and edible options that have been the most popular."

" so even wit advanced technology people still impulse buy food."

"yes ou delivery typically takes 10 minutes or less."

Americans need for speed has other companies racing to meet this market.

Amazon's been developing drones for years.

C-v-s and u-p-s are parterning as well.

The expectation is the flying machines will be used to fly from a nearby store or complete the last mile of a delivery from a truck.

"what am looking at" "this is our nest these are our charging pads and the aircraft."

Right now wing is using this area as a launching pad.

"the drones ca fly in a wide variety of weather.// we don't fly in high winds, you know winds above 20 miles per hour."

Fed ex wants to see how well it works before expanding.

This program has f-a-a clearance but u-s regulators are still developing rules for where and when the unmanned vehicles can operate across the country.

10:22:55 "we're i unchartered territory relative to designing and developing policy around you know drones flying over people's houses, in specific communities."

So even though drone deliveries are happening... it might be years before the technology takes off nationwide.

Katherine johnson, cbs news, christiansburg, virginia.

The wing drones are autonomous but right now a supervisor monitors every delivery.

Facial recognition is a tool being used by law enforcement agencies around the world.

But now bartenders in britain are starting to use the technology.

Cindy pom has the story from london.

British pubs tend to fill up fast..with customers anxious to get their pint.

We're very good at queing in the uk, but certainly not when we're gettin a drink because everyone wants to come and get served first.

To stop people from cutting the line -- the underdog bar in london has installed facial recognition technology so bartenders can keep a virtual eye on the crowd.

Based on a first come first serve basis, those who've been waiting first get a number above their head to say you're number one in the que and those who've waited the least time are at the back of the queue.

"yeah that's good idea especially if it's busy, so you probably won't have to wait as long."

"it'd be great fo someone like me who always gets shoved out the way."

Not only is the system trying to stop people from cutting the line - it also helps identify those who look underage.

Privacy watchdogs are warning against using this type of artificial intelligence in a place like a bar.

Our concern is that this is trivializing what is a really quite dangerous surveillance technology.

It's not solving a problem that desperately needs to be solved.

The british developers behind the software insist people should not be worried about privacy.

There's no hidden cameras, there's no data being stored in any permanent way.

Right now the pub is only turning on the system for special events.

Under european privacy laws, they must get consent from every customer before using the technology.

Cindy pom, cbs news, london.

The uk software developers say they're in touch with american companies and hope to bring the facial recognition technology to restaurants in the us tips on taking the very best photos.

Plus the jobs you may want to leave to a professional.

Mid morning will be right back.

If you are still trying to get the family together for christmas cards pictures, you may be too late.

But you can still plan on pictures around the tree.

What tips should you follow to get the best shots?

Professional photographer kelly donoho is here this morning.

You may recognize her work.

For several years, kelly was the photographer for mississippi state athletics.

Now, she's out on her own.

What are some ti tips for good holiday pics?

Andrew raborn >> as one of those things it takes a lot of practice ... in uk and living room can be very dark and open up his lives and ... but is much like the room as possible iphone is fine for something quick if and when you say open lines natural lighting is better if you have a flash then by all means use it but try to open as many windows as you can as natural light is the best fitting very large photos on harsh is a flash ... over to susan/you have a camera go ahead use ... civilian iphone just do the best you can and ultimately just try to make sure you could see everybody helpful in the back sitting and standing ... i love years sniffing to christmas and it's hard sometimes to send out christmas is so i can take very strategic planning island you recently i'm all about the many people take pictures for is now there the greatest pictures gender is ... 20 years from old is beautiful ... i prefer photographs to the city of because it's a moment in time ... what are your suggestions to people who want to do the session ... mine is very felt as if i ... okay thank you so much a as your preference is to shop hose is better for you i soon my preference in i want my clients to become more i try to make them comfortable ... it's natural and it's flowing ... people try to book you ... said this ... see as the taylor's and is this subject ... love the engagement for so sorry your work is in place and is linked on thein in the movies, bert reynolds went coast to coast for the cannonball run.

Coming up next the real racers.

Mid morning will be right back.

Wh while the movie "cannonball run was slapstick, it was based on real-life efforts to race from coast to coast.

And last month, a seemingly unbeatable record was broken.

Three car enthusiasts made it from a garage in new york city to a hotel in redondo beach, california at a heart- pounding speed.

Dana jacobson has their story.

With a top speed of 193 miles per hour, and an average of 103 for more than a day, drivers arnie toman and doug tabutt along with spotter berkeley chadwick are the new cannonball run record holders.

As first reported by "road an track", the team made 28 hundred mile journey from new york to los angeles in 27 hours 25 minutes... shaving more than an hour off the old mark, set in 2013.

While in the movie, burt reynolds and dom deluise crossed the country in an ambulance, the team rode in a souped-up mercedes, modified over the course of two years... specifically with setting the record in mind.

They were also aided by a network of spotters, driving ahead of them and reporting road conditions... and the placement of police speed traps.

However, the feat is drawing criticism from safety experts.

The governors highway safety association says "...speeding i widely deemed culturally acceptable by the motoring public.

We need to change that narrative and make speeding as socially unacceptable as drunk driving."

But toman maintains the team never put any other drivers at risk.

It it's chilly this week.

A good time for a new soup from meteorologist jacob dickey.

He's cooking up a storm next on mid morning.

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