KEZI 9 Checks In December

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Published on December 10, 2019 -
KEZI 9 Checks In is a monthly reminder to do a self-breast exam.

KEZI 9 Checks In December

Means it's time for "kezi 9 checks in".

It's a monthly reminder for women to do a self breast exam... to check for any lumps or changes.

And, this month, we're also looking at some of the many community outreach programs offered to help patients in douglas county.

The community cancer center in roseburg has about 20 different programs. and they're not just for patients.

They're free for anyone in the community.

Some of these programs are offered year round..

Others are seasonal.

Angelia freeman says one of their most popular workshops is the "living well" program.

It's a six week workshop... that teaches people with chronic pain or other chronic conditions..

To become more self sufficient..

So they can have the best quality of life possible.

They focus on things like "dealing with difficult emotions", "getting a good night's sleep" and "managing pain".

2:55 we give them a toolbox of skills they're going to use throughout the rest of their life.

To help better manage their pain or their chronic condition like copd.

3:02 a lot of them have issues learning how to walk properly.

It just depends on what that condition is.

She says it can be overwhelming for patients, when they first find out they have cancer.

This class helps clear up the confusion with all the information they get... and how to move forward through treatment.

4;57 once you are diagnosed with cancer you kind of go into this void of chaos and everybody's coming at you from every different direction, they're telling you everything that needs to happen in order for you to be well, and sometimes you just need someone to say okay, let's take a big deep's the first thing we're going to do.514 how are you feeling right now at this very moment?

516 freeman says last year they reached more than 20 thousand people, face to face... through their events or programs. most were held at the cancer center, but they're happy to go to senior centers, schools, retirement homes..

Or businesses, to hold classes if that's more convenient.

You can contact the community cancer center, if you're interested.

For more information -- go to our website and click on features.

You can also sign up for kezi 9 checks in..

And we'll send you a reminder each month to do your self

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