Plan to Move Alternative School

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Published on December 10, 2019 -
KIMT News 3's Alex Jirgens shows us what this would mean for students

Plan to Move Alternative School

Schools offer a needed change of pace for students as they work toward a diploma.

Now - clear lake high school is looking to add an alternative school to its campus.

Kimt news 3's alex jirgens spoke with administrators about the asa-pkgll-1 alt school added-pkgll-2 right now - students that are enrolled in the alternative school have to travel about 10 miles to ventura.

Next year - the district looks to have the school right here on the clear lake high school campus.

Lowerthird2line:alternative school planned to be moved clear lake, ia counselor deb sharar makes a weekly road trip to ventura about once a week to meet with students at the alternative school there.

Alt school added-pkgll-4 "it's not a semester class like we are, so they can go out there and earn their credits for graduation.

It's been a successful program, we've had many students graduate from our alternative school."

Alt school added-pkgll-5 clear lake administrators believe the time is now to have an alternative school right on campus.

Students would no longer have to jump between campuses to pursue subjects such as art, industrial technology and computer science.

"anything in industrial tech, they have to be in the auto shop or the building trades, they don't have any access to that or agriculture classes or our computer science classes."

But it goes beyond just course accessibility - it allows inclusion.

Lowerthird2line:chris murphy principal, clear lake high school "it would also give our kids in the alternative school access to the rest of our building, the access to our counselors, the access if they wanted to be in sports, they can be in sports, and different activities."

Lowerthird2line:alternative school planned to be moved clear lake, ia in clear lake - alex jirgens - kimt news 3.

/ the district is looking to make the move official next school year.


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