Local Business Spotlight - Dawn D. Totty

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Published on December 10, 2019 -
Award winning Dawn D. Totty talks about the craft that goes into her designs.

Local Business Spotlight - Dawn D. Totty

Dawn d.

Totty is an award-winning interior designer and was most recently awarded the 2019 best of the best in chattanooga for interior design and has ranked number one out of 4,000 designers for five consecutive years on house today we are at her own modern farmhouse which has been published in multiple national magazines of course dawn designed this beauty by herself you know dawn thanks so much for number one joining us tell me a little bit about the main focus of the design for your own home that we're in today and when you work with clients well the main focus is always just capturing the spirit and the personality of the folks that live in the home or the commercial space that i could be designing for and one of my best secrets to do that is customization and we're gonna talk about that today so well exactly go ahead and tell us a little bit about customization talk about some of the favorite features in your own home and who others you know can customize and how the benefits work as well sure i'd love to well as you see throughout the firm house floors they're all white and that's it's not a real typical traditional application and hardwood floors can be painted they can be stained in a different color other than the traditional oak or walnut these are 50 year old recliners that i had redesigned and reupholstered we have all custom pillows throughout the house some of the upholstered pieces are over here i've got retractable doors that are really cool it opens the whole living room up into the outdoor space and some motorized screens as well so it's really about thinking outside the box yes it's definitely not no cookie cutter space is here perfect i'll talk about why someone would want to do this much customization you know other than the beauty of it what are some of the advantages well the advantages are there's only one you so your space should reflect you instead of a commercial box store where 500,000 other folks can buy the same chair the same piece of art the same table such so by by just tweaking things customizing things it makes it personal it makes it very unique and authentic to you memorable when you're arresting people and yes great conversation pieces and people always remember that home as well all right so tell me a little bit about you know when we work with you talk about you know what are the areas you service what's that experience like and what type of projects of these specialize in well i basically work throughout the whole united states from the east coast to the west coast and the projects are residential just you know basic everyday homes to very elaborate home so i do a lot of commercial design and i do that i just finished a pregnancy clinic in chicago so i'm all over all right so tell us something that we may not know about working with an interior designer a lot of people may be scared to take that first step what do we need to know don yes well reviews finding out online who you're working with or thinking of working with and you know the one of the biggest secrets really about being a pro designer with with a credentials with the background you can get guaranteed discounts on just about everything so sometimes your designer fee can actually be equal to the discounts that you save your clients perfect all right dawn tell us how do we need to get started with you you just make the phone call and we have a conversation on the phone we discuss what your needs are and then we set up an appointment i come to your home or your office and we do a very extensive interview and decide what your needs are what needs to be purchased what needs to happen just overall that your design aesthetic what you're looking for and that's how it starts perfect simple as that guys one phone call all right dawn we're gonna be talk to you again here in just a few weeks in the meantime thanks for opening your home up oh my pleasure you're watching let's chatt we'll be right back.

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