City monitoring salt supply

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Published on December 10, 2019 -
Madison used 9,000 tons of salt last year.

City monitoring salt supply

Madison streets crews are ready for whatever our weather brings... this year for the first time -- all trucks will have a g-p-s system to track which roads need attention.

Our keely arthur joins us live to explain.

Good morning, the city is using gps software to improve driving safety and optimize salt distribution.

Each of the 34 trucks is outfitted with a gps tracking device.

That is connected to a screen back here so officials can monitor what happening out on the roads and what plow drivers are doing.

Green circles for trucks that were moving, red ones with a black line represented those that were stopped and red circles were speeding trucks it can also show whether a trucks plow is down and whether salt is being applied.

City officials say it's one perk to having a budget like madison's but, the city does offer some unique challenges.

((( , "29:33 we are second largest city in wisconsin so we do have some resources availalble to use, so it's not goingt to be the same as some of the smaller cities around but because of the relationship we have with our enviorment and how we sit on top of our drinking water aquafer it means we can't just dump salt on the roads all winter long, we have to manage it " 49 "))) the city works hard to keep salt use in check.

Only 50 percent of madison streets are even salted...really the main throughfairs... and even though we don't have a ton of the wet and white stuff right now...a friendly reminder that when we do have a snow emergency you'll want to follow the street parking rules, or risk a pretty big ticket.

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