Educator of the Week - Vanessa Williams

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
We found a Columbus teacher who says her passion for the job is her reward.

Educator of the Week - Vanessa Williams

We found a columbus teacher who says her passion for the job is her reward.

Prepare to meet vanessa williams, in today's educator of the week.

Track: you can definetely hear some 3rd grade chatter....'s not coming from this classroom.....tha t sound is coming from next door.... track: but if you listen hard will hear the sound of their computers...talki ng back... sot: vanessa williams/eow-- "technology is in all of their lives" track: franklin academy teacher, vanessa williams, makes sure her students are as plugged in here, as they are at home.

Sot: vanessa williams/eow--"ev erything that they do from the time that they get up to the time that they go to bed they are on a ps ipad something an iphone something..."

Track: a little something, called an i-ready app...has these kids nose deep in the day's lesson.

Misses williams class, is getting ready for their standardized tests.

Sot: vanessa williams--"the 3rd grade is a testing it can be a little stressful."

Track: the students have a lot on their i- pads, plates...and fingers!

Sot: vanessa williams/eow--"we learned division...multipli cation...division... fractions...fract ions are a little more complicated then we were in school...multipli cation is a big issue..."

Track: even when they look overwhelmed ...misses williams...a full time educator, and part time cheerleader and a little help from their talking gadgets seems to do the trick.... sot: vanessa williams/eow--"my tomorrow will be better than today if they feel good about what they are doing" track: also.... her tomorrow is her reward.... sot: vanessa williams/eow--"w hen they walk through the door in the morning that just gives me the energy and the motivation i need to get out of bed in the morning."

Track: when you've found purpose and passion under one roof....coming to class doesn't feel like a job for misses williams. sot: vanessa williams/eow--"thi s is my reward...i don't need anything else...i could do this for free if i absolutely have to..."

Track: there's not enough money in the world, to pay a teacher with we decided to give her this....instead.... to nominate your favorite educator....visit wcbi

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