Get Fit Friday 12/06/19

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Holiday Season Fitness

Get Fit Friday 12/06/19

Whitney brown: good morning, and welcome to get fit friday.

I'm whitney brown here with beth jeffers.

Beth jeffers: morning.

Whitney brown: we're at the fitness factor in columbus and it's officially the christmas season.

Beth jeffers: right.

And it can be a tough time of year for all of us.

Whitney brown: not only in that sticking with the program but also in the holiday eating aspect.

Beth jeffers: right.

And some tips that we want to give you today on holiday eating are one, when you go to a party, i think a lot of times we just don't eat and we kind of deprive ourself before we go.

Then you go to a party famished, so you overeat.

Whitney brown: right.

Beth jeffers: so go ahead and just eat normally that day may be a little bit lighter, but do not go hungry.

Whitney brown: right.

Depriving yourself can be kind of a trigger for a lot of people.

Beth jeffers: correct.

Whitney brown: and if you see something that you like, enjoy it, have a few bites but don't go crazy.

I mean saying that you can't have something oftentimes makes you want it just a little bit more.

Beth jeffers: right.

And when you go to a party, don't hang out by the food table, get your little plate, scram and go talk to other people and drink a lot of water too.

Whitney brown: that's right.

And focus on proteins and vegetables and some of those good things that people are having at their table and then compliment it with the things that you love.

Beth jeffers: right.

And like whitney said, it's okay to splurge every once in a while and have something fun over the holidays.

Whitney brown: that's right.

Beth jeffers: the other thing is, is i think people stress out on trying to stick with their exercise program, which adds a new stress into their lives.

Whitney brown: that's right.

And a lot of times, especially if you feel like you're eating might not be quite as in check, people are stressed because they want to exercise a little bit more, but they don't have time.

And our advice in the holiday season and when things get busy is to just keep it simple a few days a week for maintenance is a really great strategy, especially as you go into the next four weeks very busy.

There's kids' programs, there's holiday parties they're shopping to do.

There's a lot going on.

So if you can prioritize exercise but not make it mandatory to go presents celebrate memories!

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