Woodford Human Society

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

Woodford Human Society

Woodford Humane Society is hosting an upcoming adoption drive, and they brought along Thor for the ride!

Thor is an 8 week old shepard mix looking for his forever home, and just the sweetest good boy you could ever ask for!

Woodford Human Society

C1 3 olson here woodford humane to tell us about our life that the got on adoption drive coming up and of course the big deal today you swore are our thoughts away from her for second the other down.

He is at eight sheppard may he is the cutest he's a really good puppy he's are you learning the got i you doing okay on only were really the guy learned a lot and he's just like most outgoing, affectionate will puppy hearing yet you is only mentioned that he liked religion sitting he is in every right now to be the person being a puppy especially puppy the young he's not all the training had a friend that we need someone who really has the time and the willingness to put in the work on sonny's house training chewing crate training obedience all the basic so it i can be i'm working for you if you take a moment one a lot of people i you want to get you know me to be that christmas gift now is a good idea.

We'll not always a good idea.

I'm i will say we do not is a private time if you want to get one gift is an animal that person is to be with you and heidi help pick out that animal prizes are not a good idea soldiers but he does have some big events comin up for object people maybe finance forever.

Pet to be with her family, especially the youn of the inter-maybe the new year that's think so where is doing this adoption the adoption drive presented by quattro.

The restart this saturday and were very excited about it week adoption resident rent 22 december and i will have no adoption fees on our pet during out to because suber had dinner mother every option yes it's fantastic that he needed just a little extra boost you can make the leap and commit to a patdown is a great opportunity to do it.

We hope to be really busy will be great to close out this two-week you know a lot of empty space and also what is in the process of people are like debating it you know how can actually go about doing it for know how to time how this all works there's a lot of information on the website is far as you having five you little bit different than normal during the adoption drive, mainly because it expected hope that it will be very busy but the process is basically the same you to come and you found the option application and not as simple as just rolling in and got a patent really matter out now and be the same process we do every other day of the year.

The big difference is that things can be moving really quickly like are you can have a lot of interest if you decide you like the were if you don't act on it.

He may not be there later.

Now, so you have to be ready and you come in and if you find someone that you're wantin to take home.

It may take up a little bit longer than usual to get all the paperwork because level bit of weight.

I know this amends the people of his there' a connection when going to take an animal home should help to can have an idea of what you're looking for in doing little bit of homework versus really, especially if you have kids at home are really busy work schedule or anything like that.

There's there's a different sort of passes every home best to thinking about energy level and exercise needs and are importan to do ahead of time only and we money on real quick.

I big fundraising deadline orc matching fund is are big matching fund every year we hav a group of donors who would in matching funds for us to strive towards turnout whole number.

By the end of the year and this year's our biggest goal ever maturate hundred and 10,000 and $100 at the end of the year.

We are about about 40 4040 to 45, 000 somewhere in there left array as well.

I would go get the hundred or more can be marked to save and be matched with the goal of the year and how can he donate i woodford humane.org or come by the doctors and earned any person check in the mail into such fabulous work there.

Thanks for all that you do for auburn kidnap you.

I believe this our will tell you are the most your name for the dog this year and christmas is officially in full

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