Tawnya's Top 5 12-6

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Tawnya's Top 5 12-6

Tawnya's Top 5 12-6

Frozen ii2.

Knives out3.

Ford v ferrari4.

Sure for a a note which is where it could be it's going to come in like 6, 5 or 6.

It could beat out a beautiful day in the neighborhood that was a question of mind that one of our waters.

Now obviously i've got frozen to a nice out of the top orders as ferrari team slam they're going make.

Under 10 but they'll still be up there.

One plane will be all.

I'm putting it in like 8 or 9 it's going to bring in and just under 3 million that is kind of interesting that.

>> i don't remember the last time that you had this or we had at that the top 5 that numbness in the same that same 5 move that not one new title.


But let's get back on cam there has been my pensive a thoughtful hollywood self.

>> i'm i could be wrong there in dark water could swoop in there and take out beautiful day in the neighborhood is just not showing in and it's a wider release but not wide enough and i and by that i mean i don't think it's going to be so i think is interesting i don't >> i don't know how compel people are going to see.

>> one that the harry potter guy that stars as the voice of the lead in a plane what's his name then you have to interact with yeah.

I'm that's so i think that maybe has come >> it's just it's has to go up against frozen get right is if you're going taking kids to movie there.

I mean, and i'm sorry for mobile bay.

Everybody loves lego right we yeah.

>> we did that here in the states we call that led us.

The german plane.

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