Pet of the Week

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week

>> well, it's a god send for families with beloved animals that find themselves unable to care for them due to serious illnesses and circumstances.

And we're happy to welcome back happy's sally lanford and she has brought maim.

How have things been over there.

>> very busy, and there are a lot of people this time of year that fall into unfortunate circumstances, and we're trying to help out as much as possible.

>> you're different from all of the other shelters, and people who this were pets outlive them, or they anticipate them out living them bring their pets to happy's porch.

Is that right.

>> that's exactly right.

And we try to be part of the preplanning process, and educating people, planning what's going to happen to their pet if something should happen to them.

And we have self people who have already done snark we work with attorneys to help people get their estates prepared.

>> it's more in-depth than i had originally thought.

In the many times that you and i have spoken, so you get in with the estate planners and everybody to make sure that these animals have a good place to go.

>> that's kind of our long-term plan, and of course as soon as you say you're a rescue, you're immediately inundated with more animals that you can handle, which is why we have a number of kittens available.

Maple was dorn to a ferrell mom, she and her litter mates were brought in.

She's ten weeks old.

And i don't know if you can see her eyes, but she has the most mazing eyes.

>> she looks like my pooky.

We adopted him a long time ago.

And similar markings.

What's your assumption?

>> some look like her, and one is a little brown tabby so you never know.

>> they tend to get darker as they get older.

Is she weaned off of her mom?

>> yes, at 10 weeks, she's getting spayed today.

And she'll be ready to go if anyone wants her or anyone that looks like her or a different variety.

>> she gets to go on tv, and have suf a lot of cats right now, and you also have dogs.

>> we do.

>> do you specialize in any other pets?

>> we take in guinea pigs, helping hogs, anything that needs t.

And tortoises, because they live so long, they're an important part of planning your estate.

>> and i was going to say parrots, they're also notorious for living long lives.

>> yes, they are, and all of the animals that you can reasonably expect that they will outlive you, they need to be included in the estate planning now want.

>> are you over capacity now?

We are, just like shelters and fosters in the area, so we're having an adoption event this sunday.

Where we're going to have all of the available animals on display, and people can come by and meet them.

And that's at bee's ferry animal hospital.

>> for people interested in a kint, what would be a home for a young capital?

>> maple is extremely adaptable, and all she wants to do is snuggle.

Of the nice thing about heap's porch, because we know all of the animals so intimately, we can match the personality that you're looking for.

If you want big dogs, you want a playful kitten that's going to put the dogs in it's place.

If you want to lay on the sofaa and watch netflix, that's right here.

>> she's very comfortable in her environment.

And she has been exposed to dogs and cats and were children.

And she's great with them.

If anyone wants more information on how they can retain your services if they find themselves in one of those pre dick wants, what's the course of action?

>> absolutely.

Our website is happyies, and it has all of the applications for adoption, and we have applications and information on the website.

If you

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