Citizens honored for saving a life

Video Credit: KDRV
Published on December 6, 2019 -
Citizens honored for saving a life

Citizens honored for saving a life

Over five years.

September 23, 2019, josephine county 911 received a call for an emergency at the reinhart volunteer park soccer field.

The caller said people were giveing a man cpr because his heart had stopped.

Due to the quick action of these individuals, emergency crews were able to restore a heartbeat, and he is alive and recovering today.

Tonight they were recognized for what they did that day.


I think everybody should learn cpr and this is an example of how important it is and how think everybody should be able to do it i think it should be something that our, our schools are even teaching, because it's really the difference between life and death.

Absolutely doctors and first responders agree.

They say early cpr buys time until advanced life support crews arrive on scene.

Knowing they cpr they say can and has save life.


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