South Carolina Aquarium

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
South Carolina Aquarium

South Carolina Aquarium

>> welcome back, we're joined by brent duncan and hayward from the this south carolina aquarium and the upcoming events, and thank you for being with us and happy holidays.

How are things going at the aquarium.

>> very busy, things going on for everybody right now.

>> what's your role?

>> i'm the engagement manager, and i get to interact with all of the guests coming through the doors, and it's a busy time right now.

>> i'm sure it is, you have things going on all year long, and is the holidays a special time to be coming to the aquarium.

>> it is, school is out in the latter part of the month, and it's a great time to bring in maybe local family members, and outside of area as well.

>> how is the sea turtle rescues?

>> right now, we have 11 patients, and we're gearing up for what will be a cold season, and we'll receive patients from up and around new england and that area.

And it's a sustained period of time.

And that's when you get the cold sun patients, and ongoing care.

>> and i noticed that you had a couple of patients coming in with plastic.

>> we did, one such patient, michael meyers, he came in on halloween, which is why he's named michael meyers, and he's under going treatment as well.

We have seen boat strike injuries, and turtles is that come in with plastic impactions and that kind of thing.

>> terrible, and you are on the ground level with all of the guests, and what are some of the things that people tell you about their visit there?

>> we have a lot of exciting things going on, especially in the holiday season.

We have holiday themed dive sows going on every day through the 23rd of december, and those highlight an elf in the water, that's kind of fun, in the big tank, and we have scuba clclaws.

And it's time for us to have one last fundraiser for the sea turtle.

There's a good catch partner on-site.

And some of those for nice small plates as well.

So its a nice time to support everything in the sea turtle care center.

>> what i love about the care young the family of course is wonderful, but there's stuff for younger folks, young adults that want to go out on a nice date and maybe have a cocktail while taking a tour of the aquarium, and do you have any those coming up towards the end of the year?

>> we'll have our after hour series beginning next february with the oyster fest.

And we'll have five or six of those events in the year, but that's the after hours umbrella.

>> so popular, and the last details on the event on saturday.

>> you can visit the website for the details and the tickets are 80 for non-members, and there's a special may be price of 65, and i would call our 577 fish number for the special price.

But it will be a great time to be had by all i'm sure.

>> thank you so much.

And we're going to be back with the

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