Purdue Christmas Show 86th Year Preview

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Purdue Christmas Show 86th Year Preview

Purdue Christmas Show 86th Year Preview

Musical organization's annual christmas show.

This is the 86-th year for the magical, musical event.

News 18's isabella caruso joins us live from elliott hall of music this morning.

Isabella it's empty in elliott now, but starting saturday- seats will be filled with folks coming to see this greater lafayette tradition.

Hey good morning.

Right now i'm standing on the stage where hundreds of students will perform for this year's annual christmas show this weekend.

This show features ensemble performance from pmo groups, including the glee club, heart & soul, university choir, purdue bells and purduettes.

But the biggest act is the cantada, where all pmo performers come together for the second act of the show.

What many people don't know is this a year-long production.

Every year, preparations for the christmas show begin in january.

Staff members choose songs for each group, and rehearsals begin in the fall.

The christmas show is a staple at purdue.

However, each year- the pmo students are challenged to continue the tradition, while producing a fresh show.

Kira siepman says that- and the constant flow of new students- helps to keep the spirit of the christmas show alive.

We get to reminisce on the past from the people that have already done the christmas show, but the new people that are coming in are learning and bringing this new vibe and this new energy to the christmas show every year.

You can catch the purdue christmas show this saturday at noon, 4:00 and 8:00 p.m.

And sunday at 2:00 p.m.

Right now, tickets are buy one get free for students.

Ticket prices and information can be found on our website wlfi dot com.

Going off what kira said, each year's show has a different flare to it- to keep things feeling fresh.

She shared with me what is most unique about this year's christmas show.

I'll tell you what that is- and trevor you're gonna like to hear this- coming up in my next report in 30 minutes.

In elliott hall, isabella caruso news 18.

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