Making Spirits Bright Extreme Team at Cowley Park

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

Making Spirits Bright Extreme Team at Cowley Park

4 News Now's Caroline Flynn has a sneak preview of the lights at Cowley Park outside of Sacred Heart Children's hospital.

Making Spirits Bright Extreme Team at Cowley Park

The big day is finally here.tonight beginning at 5 on 4 news now, mark and the extreme team will be making spirits bright for the kids at sacred heart children's hospital.... as they light up cowley park for the holiday season.

Our caroline flynn is live there with a sneak peek.... caroline, looks like they turned on some of the lights for you?!

This is a very small area of lights.... a gingerbread village.... we couldn't give all of it away.i know i look forward to seeing it every year when i am driving down i- 90.... i can't imagine what it does for families who have to spend the holiday season with their sick child inside the hospital.... and for those kids too!

Mark and the extreme team are making spirits bright over at cowley park later than the last two years we've done it.... but i think it is going to be well worth it.... from what i've seen of the installations going in and heard from the volunteers, this is going to be the best year yet!folks from local ace hardware stores are going to be joining us a little later.... they helped to supply 13 thousand feet of lights.... there's so many bulbs on them, it'd be hard to count them all..... we are lucky avista too has been so supportive because mark compared the whole effort this morning to lighting a small town!

("brian dollar.

Avistait's so cool seeing the kids looking out the window, watching the guys fly around.

And the santa suit of course is super cool and usually that's what our apprentices have to wear when they are up hanging lights.

12 ")you are going to be seeing some new light displays go up and they've all got really neat stories as to how they got here.... there's new custom lights on the big, tall trees that the kids in the hospital really enjoy.... made just for us in butte montana.... here's my favorite though.... we have a picture of it being made.... rudolph the red nose reindeer is coming tonight.... here he is.... made by students over at gonzaga university!

Again, all the live coverage starts tonight at 5 on 4 news now.... but we will continue to get you ready here on good morning northwest all morning!

From cowley park, i'm caroline flynn, back to you guys in the studio.

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