I Lost Six Stone In Six Months

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Published on December 6, 2019 - Duration: 03:58s

I Lost Six Stone In Six Months

AFTER drastically changing her diet and given up smoking a 24-year-old woman has lost six stone in six months.

Ruby Altoft, from Hull, UK, started her weight loss journey six months ago.

Ruby said she has been struggling with her weight issues since she was a teenager: โ€œAfter leaving university, I felt like I had no direction and nothing to concentrate on anymore.

And that's when I became really depressed and anxious and had a breakdown.

I gained about four or five stones in four months.โ€ The weight gain contributed to Rubyโ€™s anxiety and caused further mental health issues.

Speaking of her eating habits back then, Ruby said: โ€œI was having probably more food for a family than for a single person.

And I was eating all the wrong foods as well.

I was ordering takeaways nearly every night.

I've always felt like I was unable to control food - I was eating impulsively or starving myself.โ€ Rubyโ€™s dad, Martin Wilson, told Barcroft TV: โ€œBefore Ruby lost her weight she was very reclusive.

Her weight loss has just totally transformed her character.

She's now bubbly, lively, laughing and joking.โ€ Ruby said that giving up smoking has actually helped her to lose weight.

Fearing to gain more weight, Ruby started counting calories and stuck to a recommended daily calorie intake.

Since then she has lost an incredible 84lbs stone in just 6 months, dropping from 210lbs to 126lbs.

Describing her healthy eating plan, she said: โ€œI write a month's worth meal plan so I find it really easy to keep track of what I should be eating.

And because I know what I'm having for my evening meal, I can calculate the calories before I have it.

My relationship with food is a lot better.

Iโ€™m more in control of what I eat.

I'm more educated now - it's not just about what I'm eating, but it's how I cook and prepare food.โ€ The young woman admitted that she still suffers from anxiety, which caused her weight gain in the first place, but now, since she lost so much weight, Ruby feels more confident in getting professional help.

Ruby said: โ€œLosing the weight has enabled me to actually deal with some of the stuff that I had going on long before I put the weight on.

I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.

I've just gone through my own journey and helping other people along the way.โ€

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