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Austin York is a leader on and off the field making him this week's Subway Scholar-Athlete of the Week


Time now for our subway scholar- athlete of the week... this viking has had quite the senior year... and season with his football team..

He's actually a huge reason they are still competing today... sports reporter brandon benitez has more... high school football season is over... unless you're the pleasant valley nats: vikings ah- woo... partially thanks to this guy, austin york, who helped the vikings earn their second straight section title rushing for a buck 75 and three t-d's.

But the senior isn't just a runningback... sot: i really don't care i look to help the team and the w is what matters to me...he's just a he's a really good athlete and he brings it everyday and wanrts to compete.

He's kind of moved around from different position like he started as a center for us on last year's group then we kind of transition and moved him into the tight end position.

He's played tight end for us most of the year and then this last little bit we were able to put him in the backfield.

Once he gets the ball in his hand he's really really hard to stop and it's the same inside the classroom.

York has a three- point-six gpa.

How does he do it?

Sot: you've just gotta stay focused you know i got days where i'm watching film for many hours couple days where i gotta do homework then watch film you ask a lot of guys i'm big on watching film but you gotta do your schoolwork first... i think it takes a special athlete to be able to balance and have your time management skills dialed in so you could do that mix it all together, and you get a leader on and off the field... sot: just that overall leadership guys are looking at him to hey let us know can we get this accomplished and he says yeah and we get it done.

You know that's all you wish you wish guys you know your leadership will get listened to.

You gotta earn that obviously so that's what you look to do i try to do all i can if we have a down play in the game we're looking to make the next play.

That's what wins you ball games that's what also gets you to become this week's subway scholar athlete of the week.

For now i'm brandon benitez, action news now... york's keeping his options open for college but maybe he'll get nudged into going to butte college.

After all, his father kevin is an assistant coach for the roadrunners football squad... if you have a student-athlete that deserves some recognition, reach out to us on our

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