CASA/Juvenule Office Appreciation Dinner

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
A system to guide kids through and teach them a lesson to straighten up.

CASA/Juvenule Office Appreciation Dinner

Touch of special volunteers.

<<each and every one of the 36 people who volunteer in the buchanan county juvenile court system is deserving of the recognition they received thursday night.

They deal with a tough clientele."children who have been identified as delinquent offenders or children who are at risk of being abused or neglected."the juvenile office volunteer dinner was a thank you for the work that these court appointed special advocates as they're called do"a lot of it is just being a friend to them so they learn to trust you and want to talk to you and create that relationship."there are currently 112 kids in the juvenile system in buchanan county, each of them going through some tough times.

Breakthroughs are always celebrated."seeing the volunteers' eyes when they come back and they share their stories of triumph with a child.

When there's a breakthrough, the walls come down, they can reach and connect, making that connection with another human being."part of the goal of the juvenile justice system is to stem problems early so that a juvenile offender doesn't head down the wrong path once they become an adult."through the many years that i have done this i want to say 90 percent of them catch on and it's a worthwhile program and what they did was wrong and they usually don't come back.">> unfortunately the caseload in the juvenile system is increasing and staff are looking for more casa volunteers.

Anyone with 2-10 hours available per month can do it

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