Henderson County Metal Detectors

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Henderson County Metal Detectors

Henderson County Metal Detectors

Henderson school administrator s are now using hand held metal detectors in all schools to make sure students don't bring weapons in to buildings.

Most parents say they like the decision?

Because it'll keep their kids safe.

Educators say the searches will be done randomly.

This change comes just weeks after school officials say a student was found with a gun in his backpack on the high school campus.

"i have three kids in henderson county schools, one that goes tot the high school, i think its a great ide?

I dont want to get a phone call one day that there was a shooter and my kid was hurt."

A letter went home with high school parents this week to explain the board's new policy.

School officials say they are within the legal limits of the kentucky state law to search students at random.

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