Start Something Big: Christopher

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Meet Christopher and Lucas. They have been matched for six months.

Start Something Big: Christopher

Every wednesday we focus on what's happening at big brothers big sisters.this week we meet a big and little pair who were taking part in a fun activity's fox 55's alida donnelly with this week's start something big.

Meet christopher and lucas.

They have been matched for 6 months.

Lucas, big brother, "i actually moved to fort wayne to go to pharmacy school, but i used to teach at a high school.

So i really like the interaction with the kids and i don't get that as much anymore being in school.

So i thought this would be a great way to still impact the next generation."they painted a shark at cupcakes and canvas because christopher knows a lot about sharks.

Christopher, little brother, "when a mom tiger shark has its babies, the brothers and sisters eat their brothers and sisters."

Christopher, little brother, "the dad stays longer than the mom, like lives longer than the mom does."his favorite shark is a great white shark.

Christopher, little brother, "the great white shark can smell blood from like 10 miles away."they're planning to do other things together in the next few months.

Lucas, big brother, "we're thinking about going to science central here in a little bit.

So he identified a goal at the beginning of the year of wanting to learn how to read a little bit better and get his reading back up to where his classmates are.

So i think we'll spend some time maybe at a library going over some of that and spend some time on homework."lucas has some advice for those who are thinking about becoming a big.

Lucas, big brother, "i would recommend it.

I think it's a great way to get involved in the community without spending a huge amount of time doing it."to become a big brother or big sister or to mentor a child in your area, call big brothers big sisters at 260- 456-1600.

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