Therapy dogs in the courtroom

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Therapy dogs in the courtroom

Therapy dogs in the courtroom

Jillian smukler kezi 9 news.

There's a new tool... to help children who are abused or neglected... when they have to go to court.

Therapy dogs.

Kezi 9 news reporter chris lueneburg is live at the serbu juvenile justice center -- where the first courtroom dog has just been sworn in.


This initiative comes from casa of lane county-- who tells us that for children, testifying about the neglect or abuse they've experienced can be scary and painful... but therapy dogs like yellow lab cooper can make a big difference.

Coop is just one of several therapy dogs in training.

Juvenile court judges have allowed the dogs to be present during a child's court date.

To start, the dogs will just stay in the lobby as people get acclimated to the concept... it's just one more way to keep the 12 hundred lane county children in foster care's best interests at heart.

"so many people are dog lovers and it just clicks with them instantly.

Of course that's going to calm a situation.

Attention is going to get off of this over to this beautiful dog."

The program was just introduced -- along with the swearing in of new casa advocates... who are volunteering to spend time with these children to help guide them to good outcomes in the foster care system.

These therapy dogs and their handlers go through some unique training to prepare for the courtroom setting... we'll hear from cooper's owner about it coming

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