Saints host 49ers in 10-2 NFC Showdown

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

Saints host 49ers in 10-2 NFC Showdown

Back on Thanksgiving, the New Orleans Saints became just the 15th team to clinch a division title before week 14 since the NFL went to eight divisions in 2002.

Saints host 49ers in 10-2 NFC Showdown

In san antonio, texas.- - back on thanksgiving... the new- orleans saints became - just the 15th team to clinch a- division title, before week - 14... - since the n-f-l went to eight - divisions, in 2002.

- only one of those previous 14 - teams would go on to win a- super bowl... and that team...- was the 2009 saints.- but the black and gold still- have a long way to go, before - doing something else that '09 - squad did... which is clinch- home- field advantage... throughout - the playoffs.

- presenting sunday's supderdome- showdown, - against the san francisco - 49ers... featuring a battle, of- 10-2- powerhouses.- a saints win would give them th- all-important head- - to-head tie-breaker... as well- as a clear path, to the n-f-c - one-seed.

- that's why they say... the sout- is not enough...- - "the stage is set.

I mean it is- what it is.

- - - - we know that we have challenges- ahead of us this week.

We know- how - important this game is.

And - we're taking the steps starting- today to kind of match- that intensity throughout the - week."- - - - "listen, we understand the- playoff - implications as a result of thi- game.

But if you go in with tha- mindset every - week, if you play with that sam- mindset, it's like you're - getting ready for the super - bowl every week.

It's like- you're getting ready for that - big game, that meaningful game- each week.

So if you prepare- that way, if you believe that i- your heart, then- when you step out there on- sunday you know that you've don- everything you can to - - - - put yourself in the best- position to win.

That's all you- can do."- the saints and 49ers will kick- - - -

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