Petland closure

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Petland closure

Petland closure

To discuss the district 3 bus lot that's been controversial topic in the district.

Charleston county school district officials say the island needs a centralized bus location but neighbors are not happy about this.

The meeting is today at 11:15 am.

>>> new pet owners from pets at petland store with some getting sick and one dying and more pets are now getting checked out.

>> jon bruce: brooke schwieters is live in summerville at the sign where a sign on the door shows that they are close today.

Brooke, what can you tell us?

>> brooke schwieters: just last night we showed you this sign posted on the summerville petland location saying that this place will be closed today for the annual sterilization.

We reached out to leaders of the store who tell us that they do weekly sanitation's.

The reason they are closing this location is due to concerns raised by customers.

We brought this report starting on tuesday.

We've followed up ever since.

We told you that two families got dogs here and they quickly came down with distemper and pneumonia.

One dog died.

Yesterday, event at james island says he is treating five different animals purchased at this petland location.

A woman we spoke with says her newfoundland puppy died at the end of november due to the illness.

Her puppy is not aloneand she says this is not the first .

If something is not done, she's concerned he won't be the last.

>> we would have to bathe him because he cannot stand up to use the bathroom and would urinateon himself.

We would give him pass .

His for would flatten.

All you would c is every single bone in his body.

It was bad.

>> brooke schwieters: we received a statement from the legal team that says: our kennels are sanitized on a daily basis: however, as a precautionary measure we are conducting an extensive sanitation or in other words a "sterilization".

This store does not open typically for a couple of hours and opens at 10:00 a.m.


As we said, it will not be open today.

We will stay around to see if we see any movement or anything going on at the store as far as the

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