Truckload of treasures

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

Truckload of treasures

CFI Trucking employees converged on Walmart in Joplin for the annual "truckloads of Treasuries" holiday shopping spree.

Truckload of treasures

A lot of elves -- also known as cfi trucking employees---converged on walmart in joplin for the annual "truckloads of treasures" holiday shopping spree.

It's to help people in need.

Employees are using their donations to buy toys and gifts.

A cfi tractor-trailer was on site to load all the gifts.

"i will tell you it's such a great impact to our local community and our employees get such a kick out of doing this it's very much from the heart and you know not just a finacial thing we really do enjoy being able to do something like this and the families absolutely love doing this."

Dowe: cfi is partnering with the salvation army, and together they raise more than 41-thousand dollars, and gifts for 200 local children and 100 seniors in need.

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