Small bank security

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
How do under-staffed banks keep people safe?

Small bank security

To yesterday's crime... it's not uncommon to find banks in small towns with just one or two employees.

But how does a banking institution of that size maintain security for its employees.

Kimt news 3's nick kruszalnicki is digging into that question and joins us live in the mason city newsroom.


Newsroom george á the federal deposit insurance corporation... better known as fádáiác á has some minimum security procudures banks must follow.

These rules include alarm systems... vaults..

Surveillance... and tamperá proof locks on doors.

But i'm learning most banks go above and beyond these rules to keep their staff and customers safe.

Xxx "having a local branch is so important to a lot of people."

Matt bradley with first security bank says the bank is committed to providing staffers with training for dangerous incidents in even its smallest branches.

"we have a training program that everybody goes through to teach them how to respond in case the worst happens and everybody is expected to follow through on that and then they receive updates all the time too."

While the details of those training programs are secret, bradley says they are designed to keep both employees and customers out of harm's way.

"just do what the person says to do and that's how you stay safe, because your goal is to get them out of the building as quickly and safely as possible and then you can follow up afterward with authorities to track the person down."

Staffing is an issue in small town banks.

Often, small branches have only one employee working at a time.

Bradley says the first security branch in rudd employs unique safety practices.

"so the way that we've found that's a good way to mix service with safety is to actually keep the doors locked, but allow people to be buzzed in individually, so that way the person working there gets a good look at who's coming in.

99 percent of the time they know exactly who that person is."

Wena (whenáa) james from charles city says she feels safe at her bank, knowing the staff is well trained.


Their level of customer service is tremendous.

From the moment you walk in you know that you're safe along with your money.

They have very federal law also requires banks have a security official who's job is to draft and implement a security program.

Live in the mason city newsroom, nick kruszalnicki kimt news 3./// thanks nick.

Small town bank branches are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

Just three years ago á first security closed branches in meservey and swaledale... in part because of the growing expense of securing those locations./// breaking news breaking tonight..

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