Trump Unity event

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

Trump Unity event

In the midst of an impeachment inquiry, Trump supporters are coming together for their president.

Trump Unity event

Impeachment inquiry the impeachment inquiry is taking another step forward.

Today á house speaker nancy pelosi called on congress to start drafting articles of impeachment after weeks of hearings.

But some minnesotans are still showing feverish support for our commanderáiná chief... holding a unity event at the eagles club in rochester.

Kimt news 3's isabella basco talked to some elected officials who believe minnesotans should back the president.


George... the 2020 campaign is set to be another historic... unforgettable election and trump supporters in rochester are rallying for another four years in the white house.

Xxx from washington dc to the streets of rochester... people in southern minnesota are showing feverish support for our commanderáiná chief.

"well i think you need to look at what he's accomplished."

"i've always told people i don't run away from good policy?"

Why do they support him?

"we reformed the tax code, the first tax reform in over 30 years, we unleashed energy independence from regulatory release."

"the economy is doing extremely well right now, north korea is in check, south korea is starting to soften a little bit."

Despite any controversy á both state representative john petersburg and jason lewis á a candidate for the u.s. senate for minnesota á say trump is what's best for our country.

"basically he did everything he said he was gonna do, i did everything i said i was going to do in congress, now everything's come to a standstill because of this obsession over just a few hours ago á president trump tweeted he has a 95 percent republican approval rating.

Live in rochester... ib... kimt news 3.

Thank you isabella.

Members of the judiciary committee will be working through the weekend ahead of their next hearing on monday, which will focus on the intelligence committee's findings./// a beautiful night to get out and enjoy some

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