One Suspect for Multiple Fires

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
Published on December 6, 2019 -
The Fire Dept. says anyone with any information may remain anonymous.

One Suspect for Multiple Fires

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This morning huntsville firefighters and police are looking for the person responsible for setting fire to two homes six times in one month.

It all happened on calvary street-- just off university drive near pulaski pike.

Waay 31's casey albritton is live with how the investigation is going.


Fire marshals say this many fires at two homes is rare to right now -- alabama state troopers are trying to figure out what caused a 3 vehicle crash that involves a state trooper.

Take a look at your screen -- you can see the trooper's vehicle wedged under an 18 wheeler.

It happened last night on highway 53 in madison county.

Luckily -- no one was injured in the crash.

This morning a woman is in trouble with the law after authorities say she tried to bribe a jail employee.

Authorities say marquita gary tried to use 500 -dollars to smuggle in drugs and 4 cell phones.

A spokesperson with the sheriff's office told us an inmate told a correction officer gary would help sneak in contraband.

He said officers were alerted about it and they verified it.

What was unique about it was we had an investigator go undercover, play the role as jailer, and help ms. gary

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