Questions remain in hazing investigation

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Questions remain in Alabama A&M hazing investigation

Questions remain in hazing investigation

Find and arrest him.

It's been a month since we first told you about the hazing incident at alabama a&m university that got band fraternity - kappa kappa psi - removed from campus for two decades.

At the time -- the university's president said he was waiting to hear back from the national chapter about its decision.

Waay 31's will robinson-smith caught up with doctor andrew hugine tonight to see what progress has been made in this investigation.

Will, what did he tell you?

Tonight, the university is celebrating 50 years of its status as a university.

Dr. hugine said he wanted to focus on that, not the investigation.

Dr. andrew hugine, president, alabama a&m university i really don't want to go into that tonight.

Dr. andrew hugine jr. declined to go into any detail tonight about the hazing investigation that removed kappa kappa psi.

Exactly one month ago, the national chapter of the honorary band fraternity announced it was closing its alabama a&m chapter due to hazing.

It stated that it related to "their new member presentation show, which violated both university and kappa kappa psi policies."

About a week after the news broke, dr. hugine spoke with waay 31 news and said the university had not heard from kappa kappa psi.

We are waiting for a response from the national body...until the university gets additional information, we don't think there's a need to do anything beyond that.

Tonight, that's still all he has to say.

We, we've not had that.

I really don't want to go into that tonight.

This is about what we have accomplished here, looking for the future.

That's what we want to focus on tonight only.

And we've responded to that.

So our response hasn't changed.

We also reached out to kappa kappa psi since they still have not released additional details about the hazing incident.

We're still waiting to hear back.

Reporting live at alabama a&m university, will robinson-smith, waay 31

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