“I Want to be a Tradition:” McKinnley Jackson leaving All-American legacy at George County

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

“I Want to be a Tradition:” McKinnley Jackson leaving All-American legacy at George County

George County Defensive Lineman McKinnley Jackson is certainly one of a kind.

This afternoon, the state’s number one recruit for the class of 2020 was the one player from Mississippi to receive his All-American Bowl jersey, making him the only one from Lucedale to ever do so.

“I Want to be a Tradition:” McKinnley Jackson leaving All-American legacy at George County

Into ...- george county defensive lineman- mc-kinnley jackson... monday and tuesday morning so - - - - is certainly one of a kind.

- this afternoon... the state's ...- number one recruit, for the - class of 20-20... was the one we are going to see some rain - player from mississippi, to - receive his all-american bowl - jersey... making him the only - one from lucedale... to ever out there does not too terribly- do so.- - nat---> "it is my pleasure to - welcome much ...- you to the 2020 all-american- bowl."

At all and saturday only a few - nat ---> clapping - "it's an honor.

To be the first- - i don't want to be last, but- it's good to be first.

Just to- start hot ... hundred 7 inch their expected - - - been heading further into the - a legacy, a tradition that can- be for a long time here at this- program.

This high beginning of the week was about- school is known for putting out- talent, but it's good to be - first."

The best to ever do it- at george county... mc-kinnley- jackson - is now part of an elite - roster... comprised of the- nation's top 100 next women first ... will ...- high school football players.

- following in the footsteps of - the 380 all-american bowl - alumni... averaging less than an - turned n-f-l draft picks.

- "i could be next.

It's a real - honor.

Especially, i know those instrument location ...- guys.

They've been here,- and to see what still a lot of rain.

We are the- now - it's a big stage - so i - just want to showcase my- talents to some of the top- players in the country."

Going to see some ...- a four-star defensive tackle, - according to 24-7 sports... - jackson of courses clouds building all - has long been chosen, for this- kind of stardom.- even dating all the way back to- his first meeting, the way the beginning of the w- county head coach matt- caldwell... in the eighth grade.

Week ...- "he looked about 18 at that - point, but he was only 14.

And- - - until the next front was throug- like i told the story earlier,- he came out that one day of - eighth grade spring and we knew- he was special.

I which does cool us off.

Althoug- mean i had never seen him do- anything athletically until tha- day, and we knew at it back ...- that very moment what a special- - - the liposuction ...- guy he could be."

29 division i- offers later... jackson has an- all-you-can-eat it's the official kickoff to th- buffet of s-e-c schools knockin- on his door... leading- up to february's national holiday season in biloxi ...- signing day.- and yet... he's always had the- self-awareness... to make sure- everyone else had their food- first 17 like to lighthouse holiday .- "i want to see other people - shine.

If i shine that's one- - - - thing, but to see somebody else- shine, lighting kicked off earlier tha- "most young men, they could tak- all this attention and turn it- to all about me, me, me, tonight ...- - - - me, me and he doesn't do that.- he deflects the praise to other- people.

And talk and was gathered city signature- about him being a servant - leader, that's just him.

That's- who he is as a young man, landmark to make great with - and that will take him a long - way in life."

- wherever jackson ends up... he- says he wants to be at a santa.

Enjoy hot ...- program... that can really- change his life.- the crazy thing is... he's- already been that change, for chocolate ...- the cookies course- next generation at george - county... where he leaves behin- an all-american legacy... for - future rebels to follow.

...- "the years i've done put in lik- in the class, on the field, jus- like the hard work i've put - - - - in.

I mean this hasn't been - easy.

I mean high school is eas- but it hasn't been- easy.

Just like i have a passio- for what i do for this school.

- just want to see somebody - else be in my shoes one day at- george county high school.

I- want to be a tradition."- - this season... jackson helped - this season... jackson helped - lead his rebels back to the - playoffs, for the first time- since 20-16... with an overall- record, - of 7-and-5.

- as for the 20th annual all-star- classic... the all-american - bowl will be an east-west - affair... played on january 4th- at noon... from the alamodome..- in san antonio, texas.- -

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