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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Part 2: Hannah's Live



Favorite chicken having their grand new iberia.....a is opening today 100 people in line chic-fil-a for a year....and hannah new iberia right opening....hey going?

Hannah talks to chic-fil-a fanatics that waited in line overnight for free chic-fil-a for a year.... 3 its celebration time for the citizens of new iberia for the grand opening of thier first chic-fil-a...everyone knows how much traffic this fast food resturant brings in and right now they already have over 75 people waiting in line to recieve free chic-fil-a for a year.... hannah st claire is on the scene now to tell us more....hey hannah hannah st.

Claire hangs out at chic-fil-a with the biggest fans and the staff for their grand opening in new iberia.

3 hannah will be in new iberia morning for their grand opening of chic-fil-a and talking to some of the biggest chic-fil-a fans that slept their overnight for free food for a year...keep up with it here on news 15 today.

But for now... adam hows the weather for my drive over to that

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