Santa Claus Interview 12-05

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Santa Claus Interview 12-05

Santa Claus Interview 12-05

All morning appreciate that now time to turn it back to jesse irwin who finds himself alongside the big man at the sonic in joplin part of feed the 4 states just.

>> michael for feed the 4 states were here at the sonic and range line in joplin we're actually we're joined by very special guest here joined by chris tucker, who is with cherry hill programs in so many might recognize santa claus santa how how's everything going to the north pole in well where we've had a bit of a cold spell we've got about 1214 inches of snow last night but.

>> this weekend for the l football game.

>> we should be able to be up in the into low 20 so that's really good for the l songs on playing football, so.

>> also for victory from the chris i know you guys are you having an event i think you're going to be taking some photos with some children at northpark mall coming up on sunday can tell me a little bit about this event.

Yes so we have a century event coming up this sunday at northpark mall it be from 9.30 to 11:30am.

>> bring the kid is that we'd love to see the family so get some pictures with santa claus and get your christmas gifts rating in a asking all the questions you'd like.

>> it's a sensory friendly event so the sentiment when we hear sensory friendly what does that mean and who is it for well.

First of all we always want everyone.

>> of any age to come and see santa and have that experience and so with cherry hill in the north park mall, what they're doing is.

It's going to be a very quiet.

Setting at our set there's not going to be any of that.

Crazy background music.

The lights are going to be damage just going to be a nice intimate why soothing time.

There's able to spend quality time with each and every kit.

>> that's fantastic so many children out there who.

No mate beats intimidate as a kid i was pretty intimidated by loud noises in a lot of you know, and i'm only mnk i mean center is going to be at the mall it if it to get chaotic so i mean who who resists geared toward an in what you guys decide to do that.

You know we decide to do this just.

Keep out the community, you know santa is always here comes around every year was all the children.

He knows he's not in the ice.

I'm so you know we just want to help families like you said make event were you can bring in each any child out whether the disabled anything bring them out we love them all.

Everybody's created equal.

So that's what we're here for it.

Beautiful stuff.

Well hey go else hope they went on sunday.

Thank you so much and you can check out santa at northpark mall on sunday, we'll have the details on koam news now dot com.

>> but otherwise you're watching the koam morning news on fox 14 will be right back after

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