Rodney Rambo INT 12-05

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Rodney Rambo INT 12-05

Rodney Rambo INT 12-05

What did cross her mind was good job has been.

Time now to check in with jesse irwin we find him at the sonic in joplin with rodney rambo is we talk feed the 4 states justin rather.

>> thanks michael yet we're joined by ronnie remember a new the executive director of cross lines ministries and how many people are you serving each month.

We average serving around 1900 people a month to the joplin in webb city carl junction area.

>> and you're serving them canned goods you're serving them, i mean what sort of items are you guys didn't really just about any kind of food that you'd pick up at the grocery store mean we essentially have a small grocery store that we keep stockton, so uh yeah man really just a wide variety but can get certainly uh huh big base of what we give out so you offer of all sorts around this.

But i'm in >> you guys really benefited from i know canned goods or big part of this in foods a big part of this but i mean volunteer were coming to me a little bit more about how people mean bill yeah.

So crossings is a unique ministry that we exist because of donors in the community that is that the main source of funding for us so.

>> financial donations are always big a deal for us.

What you can do with the dollar the grocery store is the equivalent to about $5 for us because of some of our unique partners like ozarks food harvest that allow us to purchase food at a reduced rate, so amanda the backbone of cross lanes is both are volunteers.

We have about a 150 volunteers and 0 full-time staff and also our financial donors that make what we do possible.

>> so during the holiday season and people are you looking for ways to feed their families they're looking for any resources that can be available.

So i mean from the food pantry perspective from someone who's been working on this full time.

What what should people know that they might not know otherwise about the food pantry.

>> so you know this is just a really busy time of year for food, it's starting to get colder.

Parents are gearing up for you know kids are on these holiday breaks all the sudden there's a couple more meals a day than they're used to having to worry about um so we've a very high number of people coming in from eating food through november and then that will continue through december.

So because of that yeah can be hard to keep to keep up this is definitely a time of year where both financial donations for food, but then also just even food donations 2 drives of are just huge for us to help us kind of push through the end of the year.

Yeah, well, i know there's you know there's a lot of people have benefited from what you guys do.

>> if someone is out there and they're there trying to learn more because maybe they feel like they are food and secure their families food and secure and what kind of the question should they be asking other themselves or should they be you know what you to be looking at.

Yes, i think this we live in a community where there's a lot of folks that they want to help that.

>> cross life was started because you know a group of people in the community group of churches decided to partner together to meet every need that's why we exist they they have that they come across lines here we have social workers who will sit down with them kind of talk through what they're dealing with figure out how cross lines can help but also connect them to some of our partners that help in other ways.

Awesome will really appreciate you joining us here at the sonic in a in joplin where.

>> going to be collecting donations here throughout the month to bring canned goods any anything you have weak and really it's been a help feed the 4 states and you know we former joplin mayor millet equal are keen benefited from your program years ago and there's a video you guys did we're going to post and share with you guys on our web say than on a put it on my facebook page as well we really appreciate you stopping by and thanks for everything you do and thank you so much.

All right we're going to be here tonight also from 4 to 08:00pm swing by get a free medium soft drink bring some donations and we'll be collecting all month long but for right now you're watching the koam morning news on fox 14 will be right back after this.

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