mighty mason

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
mighty mason

mighty mason


State community comes together to help a little boy battling a rare form of cancer.

The boy's name is mason?

And he was*recently diagnosed with neuroblastom a.

He's currently being treated at riley children's hospital in indy?

And his family has had to make several trips from the area to the circle city.

Megan diventi sits down with mason's family in new harmony tonight?

And joins us now in the studio with reaction.



I'm told mason will soon be ?


His family members tell me what started as a care package for maso?

Has turned into something to help other familie?*also in hard times.

"a kid this age doesn't even know.

He thinks he just has a headache, it's pretty sad."

For young mason and his famil?the last few weeks have been difficul?

Recently diagnosed with nueroblastom ?a rare form of cance?he is being treated at riley hospital.

But mason is like any other chil?with a love for several things.

"he's a colts fan, he's a pacers fan, he lies riding four wheelers he loves police officers as well."

Just last wee?

Evansville polic?the ?

?d motorcycle traffic uni?

Posey county sherif?

Indiana state polic?and many others afte?

Welcomed mason home after a trip to riley hospita?all in an effort to cheer him up and show support.

"he's going to be going through five different treatments of chemo so he'll be home for two and a half weeks, and then back up for another five days and then again in a cycle of five."

After realizing the toll this can have on familie?

Straub initially asked the new harmony communtiy to contribute to a care package for maso?

"we started off with cards, just support cards, stuff animals," along with a g?fun?me that gre?

"we started off with 5 thousand and it exceeded that to now we have a 20 thousand dollar goal...'

But the family decided in the process to help other families enduring similar hardship?

"part of the portion of what they get from the gofund me is actually going to to be donated to the ffamilies that they met up there."

Using hastag mighty maso?the gofund me has raised a little more than 15 thousand dollars.

Straub says he's thankful to see people across the tr?state coming together to support mason and his famil?

"it just shows that a small community can really come together when someone is in need and new harmony is a special place."

Anyone who interested in contributing to mason and other familie?

You can find an address and link to the g?

Fun?me page on our website at wevv.com.

Megan diventi, 44news.

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