How Much Longer for 'Revive Klondike?'

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
How Much Longer for 'Revive Klondike?'

How Much Longer for 'Revive Klondike?'

Update this morning- a west lafayette construction project is moving along slowly.

We're checking in on its progress.

The project is scheduled for completion november 2020, but will it happen?

News 18's isabella caruso joins us live from phase two of the project.

Isabella you spoke with officals from the highway department.

What did they tell you?

I spoke with mike spencer, who is the assistant director at the highway department.

He told me the main reasons for the delays in this project are utility conflicts and boring issues.

The project is broken up into three phases.

Part of the first phase was completed in june.

That was the new roundabout at klondike and lindberg roads.

Crews are still working to improve t railroad crossing and widen klondike road.

The second phase includes a new roundabout at klondike and cumberland, and work had not begun on that yet.

Officials say crews will begin work on phase three early next summer.

That includes closing a majority of the road from cumberland to sagamore parkway to widen the road and build a drainage structure.

T project started in the summer of 2018 with a two-year deadline.

As we inch closer to that deadline, officials are trying to stay on track.

With a scheduled completion date of november 2020, just nine months away, i asked spencer if he thinks it's possible to get all of this done by then.

He says 'we hope to get done in 2020.

We can always hope everything goes well.'

I stood at this intersection yesterday and talked with a few drivers who live in the area.

They all told me this construction has taken too long.

Officials say inspectors are working to get boring completion dates.

We will report those when it become available to us.

In west lafayette, isabella caruso news 18.

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