A dual-sport transition

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

A dual-sport transition

Playing just one sport in high school is tough.

When an athlete takes on two, it gets pretty impressive.

A dual-sport transition


Seeing blake eaton and tyler mcintosh at crater basketball practice this week.

Just based on their speed, focus, and enthusiasm... you have no clue that less than a week ago, they finished a long, grueling football season.

They fell just 5 points short of a state championship.

Football, a violent and exhausting season, that went 4 weeks longer than the regular season.

And it ended in heartbraking fashion.

Now, they have less than a week to mentally and physically recover.

"you just got to switch gears.

You have to get from football mode to basketball mode.

There is just a lot that you have to change, and do different.

It is a whole different sport, so it is different."

"i feel healthy and ready.

The only thing is when we were shooting around this morning, i got really tired.it is a lot different than the football aspect."

"good shot blake!"

While understanding how tough of a grind football is.

Crater basketball head coach chris them two days of nothing to just kind of focus.

Just to heal up the best they can, both mentally and physically."

If there any two athletes that can pull off a transition like this.

It would be these two.

"for us, you know... selfishly.

Those kids have been on the big stage.

They know how to win.

They know how to compete.

They know how to lead.

They know what it takes to kind of be champions.

We are looking to kind of take what the football team and the momentum that they have had and try to carry some of that over."

Blake and tyler are looking forward to another championship opportunity.

Pairing thier championship run experience with star junior nate bittle.

The comets look poised for a run.

"we are all really excited for it.

And beat a lot of teams. we are looking forward to making up for what we did not do on the football field.

And that is basically it."

I wanted to point out that trevor jaasko will also make the football

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