Coffee With Candidates 12-5

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Published on December 6, 2019 -
Vicki Englund joins us for Coffee with Candidates.

Coffee With Candidates 12-5

Carry us into monday, the big morning news as we resume our coffee with the candidates and i tell you what we are very fortunate enough this morning to be joined by vicki england vicki, thank you so much for making the trip here at koam vicki is the democratic candidate for missouri state treasurer and i guess i would like to start by asking everybody tell us a little bit about yourself or people may not be familiar because from the st.

Louis area a little bit about yourself and how you got in politics.

>> sure well i don't have any family who was involved of politics is kind of a new thing a my dad was a mechanic a machinist wilder always working with his hands.

My mom worked fast food after my brother and i were old enough to go to school worked retail forever, and so as the first person my family to go to college i really want to be focused because i didn't know anybody who have been to college at the time.

I really wanted to make sure that i know is expensive and you really got to know what what you want to do so i went to catholic grade school, a public high school and and a catholic grade school where the boy said to me one day this would have been like you know the late 1980's, i'm a girl can't be president.

You know whatever yeah and i said i think one of the i'm that kind of sparked my interest in politics.

I also watched a mini series back of the head many serious cub lincoln, gore vidal's lincoln and when i watch that series i noticed that lincoln got all these great things he really great things for people and i really admired his leadership and i said you know he's a man he put his pants on one leg at a time just like everybody else and so what can i do that why can't you get calm and i thought washington dc is the place to go so that's why i want to go to college there.

As far as the position of treasurer.

>> you know to john q public out they're going to say will treasure deals with money for a minute people may not know exactly what the state treasurer not sure how to describe that position to somebody.

>> so will the treasurer is kind of like the cfo of the state and so if you think of what a cfo does they manage the money, however, i also certain the missouri legislature, some the legislature, determine how the money spent and the governor's office spent it, you know the executive branch, the treasure basically make sure that the money that's not being spent is invested wisely.

Another treasure also does things like agricultural loans, small business loans.

Also that runs the 5.29 college savings plan and also able accounts for persons with disability and those are some specific things i want to delve into from a platform gm point about to start with small business.

>> and what you see the future of small business and from the treasure standpoint in missouri, because you yourself, our small business bonus right that's right.

So for the last 20 years i've had an online retail business and so that's.

>> selling things online of on a variety of platforms also selling things for other people.

One of the things that the treasurer's office dies they have unclaimed property division.

So any time somebody has a safety deposit box at the bank that the person passes.

They can't find the heirs that those materials and those box whether it's a baseball card collection coin collection jewelry.

All becomes in the custody of the treasurer's office and so every year the chargers office has an auction has been in colombia for last decade this last time however was moved to springfield and so with the online auction experience that i have we need to bring that online and there are at least a dozen states that have already done that and so not only would it save taxpayer dollars by not having to store all those items. it would also bring in more money for us at the last of the 12 states unit growth and revenue absolutely.

>> i actually selling to the world.

Ok you're selling to the world when the world is paying attention and that's how the future of commerce is we all know that 5.29 savings plans helping kids.

>> be able to pay for college like you were saying we're all just very expensive it is to his parents were looking for you talk about expanding the 5.29 program.

What does that look like to you why i don't think enough people know about it you know 5.29 plan isn't just for parents.

>> it's also for maybe you don't have children but you have a niece or nephew, or maybe you don't have a lot of family, but you know the kid down the street really needs help.

Saving for college.

So it's making more people aware of the program and knowing that that tools out that because not enough people know about that one of the things that you brought up during your campaign is the fact of.

>> of the big 5 as i refer to the ninja city with 4 of them are republicans and several of them actually were appointed to that position but did not win an election when you look at this administration right now what changes would you want to implement.


>> we have an opportunity in our state to to make sure that people understand their leaders.

What that means you know nicole galloway run for was appointed auditor and then she had to actually run for office knew and when that seat.

I think we need to have more people doing that you know we can have political chaos at the top of the ticket and at the top of the state like we have had with the gubernatorial race that and that's not really fair to missourians because they voted for people to be where they wanted them to be and when that's not the case we just need to take a step back and say look are we is this really a democracy are we being democratic little d when we have people serving in positions that they did not earn so this opportunity in this election is an opportunity for the citizens to have their say that interestingly enough the during your run as a state rep.

You won an election.

He lost an election.

You won an election.

You are battle tested.

This is true with and what have you learned from those experiences.

>> you know, i represented a part of south st.

Louis county that we call purple right, sometimes red sometimes blue and when you're running in a district like that it's really important to listen.

And i know that sounds like a cliche but you can't presume that you understand what the people in your district now unless you got to talk to them and you also in my opinion, a representative truly needs to represent you know i can have all these great ideas about what i think everybody should have been a less but the job is being represented the people that voted for me they're my boss and actually the people who didn't vote for me.

They're also my boss, thank you for joining us coffee with the cancer, he england.

>> she is the candidate for missouri state treasurer so thank you so much.

I will be back with more koam morning news dickey england dot com yes england with the

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