Local food bank organizers react to the potential SNAP changes

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

Local food bank organizers react to the potential SNAP changes

Experts say this proposal could cut benefits for nearly 688,000 SNAP recipients nationwide.

Local food bank organizers react to the potential SNAP changes

Changes could breaking, this is kezi 9 news at 6" big changes could be coming to snap... the national food stamp program -- and it could leave hundreds of thousands of people, without benefits.

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The trump administration says it wants to restore the original intent of food stamps.

Kezi 9 news reporter emma withrow shows us how this could impact our food banks.

Under current law, people eligible can receive snap benefits for a maximum of three months during a three-year period, but with these new changes planned, around 688,000 americans will be cut off.

One resident in lane county that previously utilized food stamps disagrees with these changes entirely.

Karen: "when i was between jobs it definitely, helped, i knew that would have a meal.

It's just wrong."

The cuts will be only be applied to able bodied adults, between the ages of 18-49, that don't have kids or anyone to take care of besides themselves.

The government argues that the money should be going to people that can't work and need it the most, and that able bodied americans between the ages of 18-49, that have no dependents need to get out into the work force and stop relying on handouts.

But local food bank organizers say they're worried those that will no longer be able to benefit from snap will just have to come to food pantries, that have limited resources.

Melinda: "we hit our all time high of 268 food boxes in 4 hours, we literally had to shut the door cause we couldn't take anymore people.

So to think we're gonna increase past that, i don't think we can physically do it."

A representative with food for lane county said he thinks two groups of people will be most affected by these cuts, the first is able bodied americans that simply can't find a job for more than three months, and the other is people that have barriers in terms of mental health issues.

Tom: "people who are seen are as able bodied, cause they're not on government disability benefits but they;re really not able bodied, and many homeless persons who are living on the street would fit into this catergory."

The new changes are expected to happen on april 1st in 2020.

Reporting in eugene, emma withrow kezi 9 news now your

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