UO law professor presents his analysis on the impeachment proceedings

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Published on December 6, 2019 -

UO law professor presents his analysis on the impeachment proceedings

Professor Stuart Chinn teaches constitutional law at the university and he has been closing following the impeachment proceedings and comparing them to past proceedings.

UO law professor presents his analysis on the impeachment proceedings

72 day inquiry by democratic leaders.

Speaker nancy pelosi says he's left them no choice... kezi nine news reporter connor mccarthy went to the springfield city club meeting where a university of oregon professor shared his objective analysis.

Matt and renee-- professor stuart chinn teaches constitutional law...he is fascinated by the history we're seeing unfold before our eyes.

All along, hes been analyzing the democrats' decision and comparing them to past impeachments.

Chinn says house speaker nancy pelosi's decision to move forward to impeach president trump... is justified on the argument he used his office for his own political gain.

Based on the definition of "high crimes" in the constitution... chinn says no average person has this opportunity.

Up next, the house will vote whether to impeach the president.

If they get a two- thirds majority vote, a trial would follow in the senate.

It could end up being this pivotal moment where all of a sudden what we take to be acceptable behavior for the president changes in a fundemental way or it could be this moment where you know even if president trump is aqquited in the senate it kind of becomes a foot note to history and the norms reassert themselves.

Chinn also says he understands the argument for the impeachment proceeding to move fast, but he says its hard to gauge the average length of an impeachment proceeding since there have been so few in american history.

But democrats say you should expect a house vote on impeachment before christmas.

Matt and renee-- one more thing... chinn says this whole impeachment process is not bringing the country together....its doing the opposite.

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